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July 23, 2004

Hello There!

It's late summer and you know what that means? Doom III is right around the corner. So naturally most folks here at the ThinkGeek offices are frantically upgrading their PCs in an attempt to ensure FPS dominance. We hope the same thing is happening across the cube farms in America and beyond as Carmack delivers us another round of gamecrack. After all, one of the definitions of a geek is somebody with an insatiable need to constantly upgrade, tweak, outperform and acquire. We wouldn't have it any other way, which is why we've assembled the following cluster of goodies...



The World's First Consumer Biomorphic Robot

As consummate fans of robots, ThinkGeek is as gleeful as the RIAA suing teens to offer up the Robosapien. Sure we love Robby the Robot, Gort, AstroyBoy, and of course R2D2 - but we also have a tendency to prefer robots we can actually get our hands on. Enter the Robosapien designed by Nasa Scientist Mark Tilden; it's a remote controlled biomorphic robot which means he has the ability to move and act in humanoid ways. His advanced interactive reflex system even allows Robosapien to respond to touch, sound and obstacles. The Robosapien knows Kung Fu moves, can dance, belch, even pick-up and throw! You can even program your own sequence of dynamic moves!

Check out the future now:


PvP Store Launches!


Geeks everywhere rejoice

Player vs Player is the name, and gaming is their... well, game. Set at a fictitious gaming magazine called 'Player vs Player', PvP is one of the funniest comics that the monkeys at ThinkGeek have read in a while. You'll laugh with Robbie and Jase as they go for another marathon session of pizza, beer, and Madden. You'll cry at poor Brent's obsession with his Mac and his love life, you'll look confused as you watch Skull the Troll look silly while trying to be the center of attention. From retro games to D&D to console gaming, you'll find some PvP swag to make you laugh till you pee. We'll be introducing more PVP stuff in the coming months so check back often!

Get your PvP gear right here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers - At A Galaxy Near You

Star Wars Force FX Lightsabers - At A Galaxy Near You

Whether you are like most of the ThinkGeek staff that grew up in awe of the original Star Wars saga back in the late seventies and early eighties or one of the newbies that mistakenly enjoys Jar Jar Binks - you'll relish these masterful Lightsabers just as much as Jawas rejoice over scrap metal. These fully licensed, sturdy and strong in the hand Lightsaber replicas feature advanced LED lighting and digital sound effects to bring you as close to the force as you'll every be. An internal gyroscope (with some microprocessor controls) even senses your lightsaber movement so that as you move your saber from side to side it makes that peerless deep whooshing sound that sabers make. Also if you 'clash' your saber, the also familiar 'clashing' saber sound is made. You simply have no idea how amazing these things are until you have one:

International Sysadmin Day, July 31st - Set Phasers To Stun

ThinkGeek feels compelled to remind you that next Friday, July 31st, is International System Administrator Appreciation day. If you don't know what a Sysadmin is or does - then please go to the bottom of this email and unsubscribe from our newsletter! Immediately! Whew. Close call. All hail Sysadmins! Hooray! Hooray! And hey, if you spend over $50 with us before the end of the month, make sure to pick up a free 'Have You Grokked Your Sysadmin Shirt'. Also be sure to nominate your favorite Sysadmin in our first ever ThinkGeek Sysadmin Pageant. Great prizes await the winning sysadmin and nominator! Plus we've got some great gift ideas for that special sysadmin in your life. Get all the bits and bytes here:

International Sysadmin Day, July 31st - Set Phasers To Stun

New from Sonic Impact - SoundPads and the T-Amp

New from Sonic Impact - SoundPads and the T-Amp

Sound Pads are unique self-adhesive speakers which transmit sound to any thin-walled surface that you attach them to. Use them to turn a bookshelf or framed picture into a stealthy speaker in places where full-sized speakers just will not fit. Sound quality varies depending on the surface you peel and stick them to, so be creative! The T-amp is a battery-powered portable amplifier that uses Class-T amplification to provide 15 watts of efficient, high-quality audio power. Combined with a portable audio player and a pair of speakers, you can crank up the tunes wherever you might be and create an instant party!

Keep your mug warm with some USB juice - The USB Cup Warmer

Most of the time you want your Bawls cold and your chai or coffee nice and hot. Mugs do a decent job of keeping your warm beverage at a suitable temperature, but adding a little technology never hurts. This USB-Powered heating sleeve will warm a beverage for an additional 30-minutes, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your well-deserved drink and still explain to the suits why their latest plans for global domination will go down in a blaze of gory confusion. Of course they won't listen, but at least your drink will stay warm. Get cozy here:

 Keep your mug warm with some USB juice - The USB Cup Warmer

FrogPad - Full Function One Handed Keyboard

FrogPad - Full Function One Handed Keyboard

Sometimes your data entry needs just cannot wait until you have access to a desktop and a full-sized keyboard. Enter the FrogPad, providing a one-handed, portable keyboarding solution that can allow for typing at up to 40 words per minute with just hours of practice. USB connectivity and support for multiple operating systems allows for a wide-range of uses with your portable goodies. Get nimble here:

Wil Wheaton's New Book - Just a Geek

For those who need a whack on the head with a clue stick, Wil Wheaton is so much more than the actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek, the Next Generation. Wil is a writer, HTML coder, poker junkie, and a true and hard-core geek. He even shops at ThinkGeek, as all true geeks do. In Wil's newest book, Just a Geek, he explores the journey he has taken to grow from child actor to author, with discussions of his successful wilwheaton.net blog site, his supportive family life, geeking out in the Linux and Opensource world, and more. Buy this book and we'll even send you a free 'Geek.' bumper sticker. Click below for all the details:

Wil Wheaton's New Book - Just a Geek

Homer Simpson Cubicle Signs - Doh!

Homer Simpson Cubicle Signs - Doh!

Homer, besides being one of the most enigmatically funny characters of modern times (right behind Mr. Who), is now available twenty-four hours in a cube near you. How is that possible? Via the magic of two dimensions and some tin! Each 8.5 x 6.5 inch cubicle sign comes complete with four magnetic pegs so you can convert your sign into a memo board! Choose from the following designs: Facts Are Meaningless - They Can Be Used To Prove Anything, Just Because I Don't Care Doesn't Mean I Don't Understand, and Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure. Get your Homerisms here:

Netgear Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge and Wireless Travel Router

The folks at Netgear have some handy networking gizmos for those at home, or on the road. The Wall-Plugged Ethernet bridge allows you to easily create a network using your home's electrical wiring, providing data transfer rates up to 14kbps. Instantly share your hi-speed internet across your home using 2 or 3-prong standard 110 volt electrical outlets. The pocket sized Wireless Travel Router allows you to instantly turn a wired ethernet connection into a 802.11 b/g wireless access point, whether you are at home, or on the road - perfect for hotel use when matched with your wireless-capable laptop. Not much larger than a deck of cards, it is configurable for one or multiple users, and provides firewall security:

Netgear Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge and Wireless Travel Router

X-Ray Thunder 8 Gaming Pad

X-Ray Thunder 8 Gaming Pad

The Thunder 8 Gaming Pad was clearly designed with LAN partygoers in mind. With dual surfaces for superior compatibility with your favorite mouse, and a convenient cord-clip to prevent mouse-cord mishaps, gamers are sure to appreciate this one. With Doom III coming soon, you simply have to make sure you are prepared. This highly rated gaming mousepad even complete with its own carrying tin! Let your mice roam here:

Pak-Lite LED Flashlight

Well, if you are in need of a flashlight that can run continuously on high-power for over a week, you are in the right place. And even if you don't need such a device you surely "need" one. This tiny LED flashlight takes a single 9-volt battery and features two LEDs and two power settings (high and low). Designed to be extremely lightweight with a long run-time, this is a terrific easy carry flashlight and emergency light. 10-year shelf life when used with a 9-volt lithium battery.

Pak-Lite LED Flashlight

Walk away and your PC is locked - USB Wireless Security System

Walk away and your PC is locked - USB Wireless Security System

Recent research has shown that geeks sometimes leave their computers. Although we find this somewhat hard to believe, we are willing to at least entertain the idea. So, if you are inclined to actually leave your PC on occasion we offer this gadget. It is a simple receiver that plugs into a USB port and a small RF transmitter that can be attached to your keyring. Walk more than 6 feet away from the receiver and the PC is automatically locked down. When you return within 6 feet the computer is unlocked. Perfect for geeks who need to roam the office landscape in search of caffeine reinforcements!

GeekMan Action Figure - That's Not A Bug, It's A Feature

GeekMan is perhaps the only 6" tall plastic superhero ever to sport a pocket protector. Put GeekMan next to your computer to gain bonus points, or take him into the board room to gain the upper hand. The bottom line is that you can take GeekMan anywhere you want because, despite GeekMans power, he's still a plastic superhero. And since he's devoid of a digestive tract, he doesn't require any direct carbon-based feed. Woohoo! Instead, GeekMan acquires energy from his owner. To help GeekMan thrive, be sure to include copious amounts of pizza, sushi, junk food, and sugary caffeinated drinks in your diet. Checkout the Super-Alpha-Uber-Geek here:

GeekMan Action Figure - That's Not A Bug, It's A Feature

Enigma 1 Digital Camera

Enigma 1 Digital Camera

It's not too often we find an ultra-portable digital camera that boasts a preview screen that allows you to better frame your shots. This pocket-sized beauty captures images up to 1.3 MP in resolution, and can even be used as a webcam when you're not taking pics on the go. Lite-sync technology allows for indoor photos with fluorescent lighting, even though it has no flash!

A tiny tool that folds up like a key

If you feel nearly naked without a clicking keyboard beneath your fingers or a trusty knife at your side, we can help. This tiny multi-tool, weighing only a half ounce, folds up into the shape of a key and is Self-locking to any keyring for convenient carrying. It features six tools in one, including: Micro Flat and Phillips screwdriver, semi-serrated knife blade and a bottle opener. Made from 420 stainless steel with a Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

A tiny tool that folds up like a key

Quick Blurbs !!

Plasma Mug w/Electronic Coaster

Plasma Mug W/Electronic Coaster


Two new timekeepers - Static Watch and the Tokibot

M-60 Energy Mints

New Caffeine Candy - M-60 Energy Mints

Rotating Earth Watch

Rotating Earth Watch - Miniature Earth Rotates Every 24 Hours

Sim Card Reader

Sim Card Reader - Mini PDA device and SIM card manager

LED Binary Watch

LED Binary Watch - Now Available In Blue

3D Caffeine Molecule LED Keychain

Caffeine Molecule 3D Laser Etched LED Keychain

Dammit Jim

Dammit Jim I'm A Sysadmin T-shirt

Green Laser Pointer II

Buy A Green Laser - Get A Free 3-in-1 Laser

Automatic CD/DVD Shredder

Automatic CD/DVD Shredder - Destroy Old Data

Inova XO LED Flashlight

Inova XO LED Lights - High End Flashlights

MuVo Slim 256MB

MuVo Slim - Ultra Slim 256 MB MP3 Player

Antec Aria PC Case

Antec Aria PC Case - Sleek Micro ATX Case

Easy Dock Multi-Port Docking Station

Easy Dock Multi-Port Docking Station

Ambient Orb Device

Ambient Orb - Back in stock!

Bender Wind-ups

Bare Metal Bender - Back in stock!

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