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June 23, 2004

Hello folks!

Welp, thanks mostly to you, our loyal fans, ThinkGeek recently moved into a new warehouse. To mark the occasion, we've slapped together this otherwise meaningless, and still irrelevant, Haiku: 'Many gigs of ram, lay quietly in mother's board, her memory rests.' Come up with your own techie Haikus and email them to us at and maybe we'll post 'em somewhere, somehow, someday. On with it then!

Swiss Army Memory Watch

The ultimate geek multi-tool!!

We have to admit, when we first saw this product we thought it might not be real. Seemed like a good April Fools joke at the time - a USB flash drive in a Swiss Army knife? That's almost too perfect to be true! But trust us, it's real. And ThinkGeek is one of the first e-outfits to have it in stock. The Swiss Memory USB is the perfect marriage of technology, practicality, materials, and quality design. It perfectly pulls together four important tools that no geek should ever be without (USB flash drive, LED light, Swiss Army knife, ballpoint pen). 64MB Flash drive (detachable) works with just about every major operating system.

A great gift for you or anyone else with clue:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Penny Arcade Stuff @ ThinkGeek

Penny Arcade Stuff @ ThinkGeek

Have you ever played a video game? Do you take gaming to that next level such that it begins to impair your daily functioning to the point that non-gamers might call you an irresponsible human being? Do you feel more at home discovering power-ups than reading books? Even know what a book does? Of course not. Life is about gaming and Penny Arcade exists to ensure that those who game are consistently entertained about all the latest trends, and they do it with their perfectly tuned web comics. Penny Arcade says the stuff about games that make games worth playing. Check out their stuff right here! We'll be adding much more Penny Arcade swag over the coming months...

Personal Desktop Air Conditioner!! Keeps Your Code Fresh

This small, portable, and lightweight personal air conditioner uses frozen water instead of a refrigerant to safely cool you down. Perfect for the office and quiet enough for a cube in a library. Just fill the supplied bottle with water, freeze and voila! Instant AC! Battery operated with just two D cells. Stay calm, collected & cool this summer right here:

Personal Desktop Air Conditioner!! Keeps Your Code Fresh

Fatal1ty FatPad

Fatal1ty FatPad

A wise man one noted that as a gamer's appetite for frags increases, his need for mouse pad real estate also increases. Enter the FatPad. Endorsed by Fatal1ty, only one of the world's top professional gamers, this 14" x 17" gaming surface will give you plenty of room to roam whilst you increase your kill count, glory & conquest:

Books To Satisfy Your Technolust

If you've ever thought about purchasing a full size Arcade cabinet - consider building your own instead! It's not too difficult and with such readily available emulators it's a no brainer. Be the coolest kid on the block all over again and checkout the new 'Project Arcade' book. Also available is a handy reference lovingly titled 'Wicked Cool Shell Scripts'. A veritable cookbook of great scripts to run on your Linux, Mac OSX, and Unix systems. Finally, checkout the new novel by Bob Reselman chronicling the recent outsourcing trend in the IT world...

Books To Satisfy Your Technolust

A plant even a geek could love

A plant even a geek could love

Most plants require water and sunlight in appropriate amounts to survive. This can present a problem for many people of the geek persuasion. If you forget to water your plant it will remind you of this fact by drooping or even worse, by dying. The Solar Plant requires only sunlight to function - and being the calculated optimists we are, we think you can probably handle this requirement. Feed the solar cells during the daytime and then watch the Solar Plant respond to dark conditions by automatically illuminating its LED light. And hey, don't even try to water this plant - it's not going to do any good.

Space Age Posters To Adorn Your Flat Spaces

Ever wonder why walls are flat? To put posters on of course! ThinkGeek has recently picked up some great posters of the last true frontier...the Universe! (Arguably right behind the frontiers of the Deep Seas and of the Human Brain). All high-quality, laminated posters perfect for framing. We've also got a great visual chart of the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum chock full of details galore. You would be surprised how many forms of energy you are constantly enveloped in. Adorn here:

Space Age Posters To Adorn Your Flat Spaces

Cable Safe Cable Management System - Stress Relief!

Cable Safe Cable Management System - Stress Relief!

When was the last time you were nabbed by the local Clutter Patrol? Sure technology has given us some wonderful eye-candy and extremely powerful tools - but what about all those cables? Everything has a cable! Everything! Even wireless devices have cables, Uggh! Not only is the typical advanced workstation overrun with cables - it's also quite unsightly and can detract from that cool case you bought last year. A solution exists:

I-top - A toy? A game? A gadget?

Gone are the days when folks were happy with toys that don't light up, beep or pulsate. This is a demanding age and you are demanding consumers. You don't just want a top that only spins! Too prosaic and predictable! You want the I-Top. A hi-tech, spiffy, extremely portable gizmo that will provide you endless hours of gratification of the geeky and gyrating variety. Using the simple concept of our 'persistence of vision' - eight small LEDs lined up in a row, when spinning, give you the illusion of animated text and numbers. Some hi-tech sensors and circuitry will then give you real-time feedback and results - allowing you to play the different games and modes the I-top has to offer:

 I-top - A toy? A game? A gadget?

No genie necessary - The Laks Memory Music Watch

No genie necessary - The Laks Memory Music Watch

If you could wish for one thing, what would it be? Okay, well we're not talking about that. But if you go down just a little further on your wishlist you will certainly find a watch with built-in MP3 player. And we have that, so you're in luck. Up to 5 hours of digital music right on your wrist. All the necessary controls (volume, next/previous track, random, delete, etc.) are conveniently built-in along with a headphone jack and USB connection cable. 256MB of storage space and an integrated digital voice recorder. One wish granted and fulfilled.

Self-contained aquatic environment - The USB Aquarium

Like fish? Enjoy the ease of USB? What could these two things possibly have in common (other than some kind of technology-based sushi bar gone wrong)? The USB Mini Desktop Aquarium, of course. It's a small aquarium with two life-like swimming fish and a blue LED light and a small motor generates a current in the water. The fish appear to slowly swim around the tank. Both the LED light and the motor are powered by USB connection or optional AA batteries. Just add water, connect to USB and enjoy.

 Self-contained aquatic environment

blu Illuminated Keyboard

blu Illuminated Keyboard

The new blu Illuminated Keyboard features a compact design, and appropriately colored... blue!... backlit keys, especially convenient for night-time use. Also featured is a scroll wheel which allows you to control the intensity of the backlighting, or turn it off completely, if you're not in need of a big, blue nightlight. PS/2 and USB connectivity to please all comers.

ConvertX Digital Video Converter

Save your CPU's precious clock cycles for more important tasks, by using the external ConvertX Video Converter to hardware encode your video files. With S-video connections and a high-speed USB 2.0 interface, you'll get high-quality results while preserving your PC's resources for more important tasks... like visiting ThinkGeek!

ConvertX Digital Video Converter

Quick Blurbs !!

Ethernet Loopback Jack

Ethernet Loopback Jack - say what

Pre-Assembled Acrylic PC Case

Pre-Assembled Acrylic PC Case - Includes 5 cooling fans!

Binary Dad

Binary Dad T-shirt - Everyday can be Father's Day

Iomega Micro Mini Drive

Iomega Micro Mini Drive - Thumb-sized 128 MB USB drives!

Umph Energy Tablets

Umph Energy Tables -- Create Your Own Energy Drink


Luminglas - Back In stock

Case o' Bawls

Sugar Free BAWLS - Now Available

Rubik's Cube

The Original Rubiks Cube - Ultimate Desktop Puzzle

Plush Microbes

Two New Plush Microbes In Stock - Ebola And Bookworm


Pixelblocks - Now Available In An 800 Piece Set

Version 1.0

Version 1.0 and 2.0 Shirts. For Parent & Offspring

Action Shot Winners

Action Shot Winners - March/April/May 2004

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