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January 28, 2004


According to the Chinese calendar, on Jan 22, 2004 we launched into the year 4701, also known as, drum roll please... 'The Year Of The Monkey'. Woohoo! Here at ThinkGeek, we couldn't be more overjoyed. As friends of the simian kind, it's a year we can simply go ape over. Okay, enough monkeying around...

Valentine's Day!

2004 ThinkGeek Valentine 411

Valentines Day - Love It? Hate It? Love To Hate It?

What do long walks on the beach, romantic dinners by the fire, and geeks have in common? Nothing as far as we know. But hey, Valentine's Day is coming up soon, and we've got some nifty geek ideas for that special someone (or something) in your life. Choose from such fine Valentines gift ideas as The ThinkGeek classic , 'i <3 my geek' babydoll or unisex shirt. Or checkout our new web safe HTTPanties, packaged in a heart shaped box. We've also got some fashionable unisex bracelets built from cat5 cable. And for those of you who crave the fun in dysfunctional, try out the Despair, Inc. BitterSweets. Much more below...

Get the scoop on all the nifty ThinkGeek Valentine's goodies here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Namco Arcade Classics 5-in-1 Portable TV Games Thingy

For those of you that remember the days when a quarter could buy happiness (well, at least 3-5 minutes of happiness), you'll certainly recognize the Namco brand. And we are sure you will recognize such arcade classics as Dig Dug, Rally X, Pac-Man, Bosconian & Galaxian. Now play those oldies but goodies directly on your TV with this nifty portable unit. And for those of you who never had the opportunity to play these vintage games in their natural environment, well, that just makes you young and/or culturally malnourished. Get some retro gaming nutrition right here:


Scrolling Customizable LED Badge - Say What You Want To Say

LED Badge

This LED name tag is completely programmable and your message can be changed "on the fly" using the IR remote control. The IR remote control connects to your computer and up to 4 different messages can be loaded into the remote at once. Simply point the IR remote at the back of the LED badge, push one of the buttons, and, voila! Great when attending conferences, LAN parties or anywhere else you want to say something without worrying about opening your mouth. Up to 118 characters can be used per message, so feel free to say things like 'Hey, I just want you to know that I will be the one who whips your arse on Level 3'. Check it out here:

Roku HD1000 High Definition Media Player

Here's a way to get more from your stunning new plasma display. Just connect the HD1000 to your home network (via Ethernet or WiFi) for sharing digital media from your PC. Or you can pop in a variety of memory cards and watch your HDTV come to life with high-definition digital photos, art and music and much more! Based on the Roku OS (running a Linux kernel) developers can quickly craft innovative and custom applications. Check it all out here:

Roku Media Player

Infectiously Cute Plush Microbes, 1,000,000 X Actual Size!


Curious what the common cold looks like up close and personal? No longer do you have to wait for that home edition of the electron microscope to come to market. Just grab one of these Giant Plush Microbes that mimic the shapes of some of your favorite viruses and maladies and enjoy the bliss. Featuring such notable microbes as The Flu, The Stomach Ache, The Sore Throat, The Ulcer and more! Get a grip on the small stuff here:

Remote Controlled Mood-Light Objects

The Mood-Light Objects are various container shapes (including bowls and a wine chiller!) that are illuminated by ultra-bright LEDs. They are capable of displaying millions of additive RGB colors with variable intensity. The Objects can also display their colors in a variety of sequences, combinations, and effects modes. With the included remote control, you can create countless combinations of light sequences and effects that create a beautiful light show right within the object. Makes a great (and very techie) addition to your home or office decor!

Mood Lights

Line Graph Watch - Time As A Bar Graph

Line Graph Watch

The unusual looking Line Graph Watch displays the time and date using different quantities of bar graph segments. This is a very unique way to display time and date information and one that it sure to get some curious looks. The time display can indicate Hour, Minute, Second and the date display can show Month, Date, Day of Week, Year (from year 2001 to year 2059). So hopefully by 2060, your ocular implant will be your timepiece:

Plenty Of Monkeys To Ensure A Perfect Year Of The Monkey

As you should be well aware, starting Jan 22nd, 2004 is the official year of the monkey. Persons born during this time by Chinese customs will be intelligent, well-liked by everyone and successful in any chosen field. Wow. It's likely, should you be reading this, that you aren't going to be born this year (at least in a literal sense). Aw shucks. Well, what's a down on his luck guy or gal to do? It's simple. Surround yourself with monkeys! And we have just the page to help you accomplish that which even includes our new stackable, bendable, magnetic monkeys that arrive in a lovely banana tin...


Antec P160 PC Case - A Design Masterpiece

Antec Case

What's better than a PC case with front-mounted firewire, USB, and multimedia ports? Well, here's one with those ports located at the top/front of the case, on a convenient swiveling control panel. Of course, you'll also find the typical assortment of drive bays and expansion slots that geeks like you demand. Did we mention LED temperature display?

New Stuff To Enable Efficient Procrastination At Your Desk

One of the reasons ThinkGeek exists is to bring joy back into your workspace. In so doing, we hope to crush the hopes and dreams of management that you continue to abide working in squallor and desperation. How? For starters, just procrastinate! That's a great tool that keeps you paid but weakens the one thing management really cares about - the bottom line. So pick up the new CanDroid (morphable desktop menace), ROMP (Randomly Oscillating Magnetic Pendulum), or Acrobot (futuristic, poseable, action figure) and start now!


SuperEar - Personal Sound Amplifier


What binoculars did for vision, this product does for listening. Produces an adjustable 50 decibel gain on sounds picked up from its multi-element high sensitivity microphone. With only a single AAA battery, this light weight device produces impressive results. Comes with high quality stereo headphones, AAA battery, instructions and suggestions for use. Begin hearing things you have never heard before.

Philips Keyring Digital Camera

Now you have no excuse for not saving pics of life's funny (or extremely rare) moments, thanks to this convenient tiny digital camera. Its 64MB of built-in memory will hold plenty of software-enhanced 1.3 megapixel images, so you'll always be prepared!

Philips Keyring Digital Camera

Timmy's Torrid Tonic - Caffeinated Hot Sauce

Timmy's Torrid Tonic - Caffeinated Hot Sauce

ThinkGeek's fantabulous tasting caffeinated hot sauce hit the virtual shelves earlier in the month and let's just say we are educating the masses about what it really means to be a hot head. Great on flat foods, so it's perfect for LAN parties or as your dorm room condiment. And the caffeine just gives you that extra kick. It tastes fab because it's not just pepper extract and vinegar. It's got loads of good stuff like carrots, honey, onion and lime. But most importantly, the #3 ingredient is Habanero peppers!

New Watch Designs from Android

We are excited to bring you three very intriguing watch designs from Android. The Antidote Watch allows you to secretly store some Penguin Mints or a small scroll (spell of invincibility?) in a sealed compartment. With the Cyclops Evolution 2 the simple push of a button releases the dial, revealing a stylized mirror/photo compartment. And the TV Clock, in the shape of a television or computer monitor, also features a secret compartment for storage of important artifacts. Get the time here:


Quick Blurbs !!

Key Katcher

Key Katcher - New Mini-size in stock

Forever Flashlight

Forever Flashlight - New Micro-size in Blue color


Checkout Our Clearance Section! Holiday Overstocks

Green Tea Shower Gel

Green Tea Shower Gel

Lian-Li Case

Full-tower Lian-Li Quiet PC Case - Now Available

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