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Dec 1, 2003


Happy December folks! May your frags be merry, your code merrier, your Bawls chilly & your dogs warmed up with a new ThinkGeek dog shirt. And hey, set those TiVos to record TechTV's 'The Screensavers' December 1st LIVE at 7pm Eastern. Why? Our resident gadget master and one of the ThinkGeek founders, Scott, is going to be showcasing some ThinkGeek gift ideas, including the 007 stealth camera revealed right below this very sentence...

James Bond 007 Spy Camera

The James Bond 007 Spy Camera

Gadget lovers rejoice!

Cleverly tucked away inside an inconspicuous Zippo-style case lies the first officially licensed 007 digital camera, clearly designed with stealth in mind. Sneak a quick pic, capture important conversations in an audio or video file, or even perform remote surveillance by leaving your camera behind to take shots at preset intervals ranging from 1 to 90 minutes! It's as close as you'll come to serving on Her Majesty's Secret Service. Exclusively available in the U.S. at ThinkGeek!

Make Q Proud Here:

What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

2004 Despair, Inc Calendars Are Here!! 2 Different Versions

The only calendar that guarantees you'll increase your success by lowering your expectations. ThinkGeek is as happy as management on a downsizing spree to be shipping out the 2004 Despair, Inc. Calendars. Available in both 'New' & 'Classic' editions! Featuring gems like 'Teamwork: A Few Harmless Flakes Working Together Can Unleash An Avalanche Of Destruction' and 'Achievement: You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To When You Have Vision, Determination, And An Endless Supply Of Cheap Labor.' Hahaha, oh so true:

2004 Despair Calendars

Sniper Boomslang 2100 - The Fragger's Choice

Sniper Boomslang

The legendary Boomslang is back! With its 2100 dpi resolution, this incarnation by BFG Technologies is the fastest, most accurate mouse available and the only true gaming mouse designed from the bottom up to do one thing - help you win games. What else do you need to know? Check it:

'Humans Are Stupid' & 'w00f!' Dog Shirts

That's right. Dog shirts. Shirts for dogs. It's been twenty thousand years since Mesolithic man first began befriending dogs (although as a hunting tool and not an office companion). It's about time we finally give dogs the ability to express themselves and let their inner geek shine. Choose between the 'humans are stupid' in binary style or the simple, yet powerful, dual mode 'w00f!'. It's either 'Woof!' in haxor or 'w00t!' for your gamer p00ch:

Dog Shirts!

Antec Minuet Micro ATX PC Case

Minuet Micro ATX Case

A perfect solution where space is at a premium, this slimline mini-desktop includes a 220W power supply, and supports motherboards up to Micro ATX. A nice fit with your A/V equipment, perhaps? Build your own multimedia server with this stylish, black piano finish micro case:

Decorate Your Walls With Boughs Of Unique Geeky Stuff

ThinkGeek understands that most of you are surrounded day in and out by walls (not the figurative variety, but the literal). We also understand that those walls may, in some cases, be padded. For the rest of you we've got some great new items like a set of removable Space Invader Surface Graphics. Eight thirteen inch retro-styled pixelated graphics that you can affix to any flat surface! We've also got some great CD wallpaper that you can use to turn your CD collection into workspace art. Get creative here:

Wall Decor

Logitech Bluetooth Headset

Logitech Bluetooth Headset

Free yourself from tangled headset wires with the Logitech Mobile Bluetooth Headset. This lightweight headset clips comfortably to your ear and connects cordlessly to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. Best of all, it boasts an incredibly long battery life- One charge lets you talk for up to 7 hours!

R/C Mars Detector Stunt Vehicle - A Fearless, Peerless 4x4x4

The 'Mars Detector' stunt vehicle probably should have been named 'The Destroyer'. Right out of the box, we don't recommend you use this 8-wheeled remote controlled curiosity in the same room as your grandmother's china cabinet. Unless, of course, you enjoy pretending that you are being featured on the 'Heirloom Liquidation' episode of Battle Bots. This high-speed remote controlled conundrum does all the basics you expect from an RC device, and it also spins, rolls, jumps, and turns on a dime. Get dizzy here:

R/C Mars Stunt Vehicle

Geek, Hacker, & 31337 Gas Station Style Work Shirts

Work Shirts

Any dedicated, hard-working geek needs one of our new work shirts to compliment their wardrobe. Need to keep your new Binary People shirt clean? Perhaps you need to make sure you don't get thermal grease on your tie. Oh right, you probably don't wear a tie (unless it's of the Ties Suck variety). Well, whether you're a script kiddie, general techno junkie, or a hacker extraordinaire, one of our new gas-station style work shirts with embroidered faux name patches are just the thing to expand your closet.

Panasonic SD Digital Video Camera * Mini Form Factor

The SV-AV100 is the world's first MPEG2 SD Video Camera. This camcorder offers the ultimate in portability and performance, capturing both digital still images and MPEG 2 or MPEG 4 video, directly onto SD memory cards. How'd they fit all that, a 2.5" LCD, and a 10x optical zoom in a unit that's barely larger than a credit card? Only the monkeys know:

Panasonic SD Digital Video Camera

RC Battle Tanks, Limited Quantities Back In Stock & Shipping Dec 2nd

RC Battle Tanks

Ever since we received a demo of this remote controlled ammo-firing tank at our office - people have been wearing computer grey camouflage and engaging in stealth sorties to the watering hole. That's because this 1/24th scale full function remote controlled tank (turret moves sideways and up and down, tank moves forwards, backwards and even spins!) can also shoot 6mm plastic BB's up to 25 meters! That's a lot of firepower. Get one before they are gone:

ZeroTherm Heatpipe CPU cooler

The ZeroTherm CPU cooler uses heatpipe technology to provide an exceptionally durable, low noise cooling solution for Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon CPUs. Get your chill on here:

ZeroTherm Heatpipe CPU cooler

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Caffeine Candy Sampler

v4.0 Of The ThinkGeek Caffeinated Candy Sampler! Makes a great Stocking Stuffer!


Chargers Coffee/Creme Caffeinated, Candy Coated Espresso Beans

Mathmos Tuba

Mathmos Tuba - Sound Responsive Color Fazing Light

Biometric PCMCIA Card

BioScan Biometric PCMCIA Card


Airzookas, back in stock and shipping by Dec 3rd

Digital Atomic Watch

Digital Atomic Watch, Attractively Priced

Samsung DVD Player

Samsung Progressive Scan DVD Player, Only $69.99


Four New Despair, Inc. Posters In Stock

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