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Nov 14, 2003

Hello folks!

Pecan pie, mashed potatoes & roast turkey with a fine Bawls reduction sauce. Ahhh...the season is upon us. And, just like Mario to King Bowser Koopa, we shall rise and greet! Unlike Mario however, we cannot do triple jumps and butt stomps without endangering the integrity of our limbs. So instead we'll just sit in front of our multi-headed LCD's and type furiously...


ThinkGeek 2003 Holiday Info

Gift Guides - See What's Hot @ ThinkGeek By Price Range Hand picked by our well trained staff whose trainers were themselves trained by monkeys, our 2003 gift guides will let you view at a glance some great holiday gift suggestions.

Wishlists Let You Tell Folks What You Really Want! ThinkGeek is chock full of a variety of fine geek sensations. Narrow the selection down a bit by giving those who really love you access to your custom generated wishlists. Now RSS Feed friendly!

ThinkGeek 2003 Holiday Return Policy Any products purchased at ThinkGeek from now until December 24th will receive a returns extension until Jan 25th 2004! So feel free to shop early for those holiday gifts for that special tech head in your life!

Get all the info on the ThinkGeek 2003 Holiday Season Here:


What's New @ ThinkGeek !!

Enter To Win A $1500 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree

That's right, one lucky duck will win the chance to add up to $1500 to their virtual ThinkGeek shopping cart and we'll pick up the tab! Get more details and enter to win below. Winner will be selected on December 21st! Only one entry per household, attempted duplicates will be tickled until they pee, then discarded with extreme prejudice and Holiday glee (using Perl of course):

Shopping Spree!

New, Fuzzy, Warm, Geeky Blankets To Canoodle In

New Blankets

It's about time we've upgraded to some new blanket designs. The world is filled with folks like you that get cold and ThinkGeek just wants to warm you up in style. We can't let you continue on with cold fingers trying to type by the fireplace on your WiFi laptop. Checkout the new 'Geek' blanket written in various fonts, in binary and in hex. Also checkout the great looking new Megatokyo Miho blanket. Both are extremely high-quality, reversible blankets. Nuzzle up to one right here:

Unique Green-Red Laser Pointer

Many people have a red laser pointer, and some even niftier people have the green laser variety. But very few people have them both built into a single unit! So be sure to grab *the first* laser pointer that projects a brilliant GREEN beam from one end and a high-power RED beam from the other end. The GREEN beam is just as bright as other green pointers, range up to 2 miles in darkness, wavelength 532 nm. The green laser beam (not just the dot) is visible at night. The RED beam is the most powerful red laser allowed by the FDA, range 4000 ft in darkness. Get illuminated here:

Unique Green-Red Laser Pointer

iRiver iHP-120 MP3 Jukebox - OGG Vorbis Support

iRiver iHP-120 MP3 Jukebox

With stylish looks and a compact form factor, this new MP3 jukebox is sure to catch your eye. With a whopping 16 hours of battery life, a built-in FM tuner, 20 gigs of storage, and OGG support to boot, we're guessing these will show up on more than a few wishlists this year...

LED Light - Waterproof to 350 Atmospheres

The Glo-Toob FX is an extremely solid LED glowlight, with 7 modes of operation. It is waterproof to extreme depths (about 350 atmospheres) and runs on a single 12V lighter battery. The light is made from an aluminum core surrounded by a tough clear epoxy. This light is great for providing emergency lighting as well as ambient task lighting. Divers, emergency services personnel, boaters, climbers, hunters and geeks of all kinds will appreciate the solid construction and reliability of this little light.

LED Light

New T-shirts That Defy The Laws Of Suck

New Shirts!

That's good right? Hopefully. In the meantime, be sure to checkout our three new t-shirts that are sure to spruce up your wardrobe and drive your friends crazy with envy. Choose from designs like our new retro themed 'Obey Gravity, It's The Law Tshirt'. Or maybe the 'Dead Hex Readers' t-shirt is more your style. Scatterbrained or know somebody that else that is? Grab our 'Insufficient Memory' tshirt and let people know what to expect. Check them all out right here:

Desktop Light Doodler - Workplace Procrastination Device #324

The supreme desktop toy, the Desktop Light Doodler consists of a base with three knobs and a couple of switches on it. Those switches and lights control a circle, mounted in the center of the base, that has LED's built into the circumference. Turn it on, manipulate the controls, and you'll be creating a myriad of colorful and dramatic 3D light effects. Blacklight responsive base, sound sensitive mode, & freeze control! Check it here:

Desktop Light Doodler

Trios II Plus - Hard Drive Selector

Trios II Plus - Hard Drive Selector

Why be limited to one hard drive and one operating system? With TRIOS II Plus, you can expand your computing experience and go beyond the norm. Easily run multiple O/S's on your PC, whether Linux, Windows XP, or UNIX. Selecting which O/S to use is as simple as choosing the proper drive at boot-up! Far more flexible than software based boot managers:

Cuboro Marble Track Construction Set

This extremely high quality import from Switzerland features a set of 54 beech wood cubes with various grooves routed out on the top, sides, bottom and even the middle! Stack them in various ways and then let the included marbles traverse your creation, sometimes disappearing *inside* and popping out at another location. Get the 'Profi' Intelligence Test add on set and create even more challenging puzzles. Get creative here:

Cuboro Marble Track Construction Set

The 2004 Leo Laporte Technical Almanac

The 2004 Leo Laporte Technical Almanac

Leo (of TechTV fame) is the ultimate technophile and he's compiled this amazing reference packed with tidbits and goodies. It's a one-of-a kind resource for everyday of 2004, with advice, tips, and secrets about today's most popular technology topics. Get informed here:

Audigy 2 ZS Sound Cards

The folks at Creative are at it again with their new Audigy 2 ZS series of soundcards. Now offering up to 7.1 channels of 24-bit audio, these THX-certified sound cards bring new realism to your favorite games and movies. Be sure to check out the Platinum version with its convenient front panel controls and I/O jacks!

Audigy 2 ZS Sound Cards

RC Desktop Rover Telecommander PC Desktop Software

RC Desktop Rover Telecommander PC Desktop Software

Ok, what did we just say? You are probably familiar with the mini 4-inch desktop remote controlled rovers that we carry. If not, get familiar! They are very addictive (get two and they'll even play laser tag!). Now you can use the Telecommander PC Software (via a USB cable that connects to the remote control) to control the rover from your PC from and even from Internet via a webpage!

Quick Blurbs !!

Forever Flashlights

Forever Flashlights - Back in stock

Smart ID WiFI Detector

Smart ID WiFi Detector, Back In Stock Friday

Plasma Lamps

Plasma Lamps, More sizes & color choices & cheaper prices


$10 Rebate On the Streamzap PC Remote Thru End Of Year

Arc Light

High Performance Arc-LS LED Light. 18 Lumens of LED Power!!

Guyaki Yerba Mate

Guayaki Yerba Mate - South American Stimulating Tea


Tux & Caffeine Molecule In Stock!! Limited Quantities

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