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We less than three you!

At last, all this Valentine's Day is finally coming to an end. But wait, aren't you forgetting something? A special someone, perhaps? (You also count as a special someone, you know.)

If you've been too busy browsing What's New and forgot to take a look at Geek Love, don't panic! We're here to help.

Enter below by 5pm ET Thursday, 2/14 for a chance to win a $214 gift certificate! Once the contest closes, Timmy will randomly select one lucky winner and contact our winner via email. Then, by downloading one of our ThinkGeeky Valentine's Cards, the gift will be complete! It's like you had this planned all along.

No more procrastinating! Spread the <3 this Valentine's Day and enter now!

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Kelli W., who will be spending her Valentine's Day "analyzing dynamic forces and electric circuit behaviors (Thevenin Equivalent circuit simulations, actually) instead of being with her Valentine. :(" Hopefully this will help make up for it. We'll be in touch with you shortly!

We asked, "What are your plans this Valentine's Day?" and here's how some of your fellow geeks will be spending it:

  • Michael S.: "To hang out with my girlfriend, eat some cheese (which she loves), and play some video games with her. She'll be playing Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands, I'll be playing XCom. And we'll cuddle."
  • Shannon B.: "Eating chocolates while I watch the hubby play the new Skyrim DLC. We might order some real food...or not, depends on the mood. I know, we're romantic as hell."
  • Adam S.: "Got the wife chocolates and a card. Hoping to play some Halo together later. (Seriously.)"
  • Jessica D: "Eat a little pizza and dream of having a Timmy of my very own. Sigh. Love that monkey."
  • Jake W.: "Wait for tomorow, which is my favorite holiday.....HALF PRICE CANDY DAY!!!!"
  • Madeline P.: "Study for a statistics midterm! The life of a college student is very exciting...."
  • James M.: "Telescope time so that I can offer my sweetie the Moon and the stars."
  • Kristin G.: "Cooking a fabulous dinner for my boyfriend while we watch Star Trek. Because love is about being nerdy together."
  • Kari S.: "Watch my little geek (3-year-old girl) get excited over dark chocolate hearts."
  • Amanda C.: "My Valentine's Day will be spent taking cultures, making gram stains, identifying microorganisms, and then labeling and reculturing. Then I'm going to go home and marathon all of the TOS Star Trek movies. I don't suggest you take advice for date night from me."
  • Ryan J.: "Plans. . . Plans?. . . PLANS?! HOLY CRAP IT'S VALENTINES DAY?!"