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ThinkGeek's Tricorder and $1,000 Shopping Spree Giveaway... from the future! ThinkGeek's Tricorder and $1,000 Shopping Spree Giveaway... from the future!

Technology moves fast. In the 1980s, we had pagers and blocky, bulky cellular phones that lasted an hour if you were lucky. The nineties brought smaller flip phones and eventually the text-message break up. By 2000, 3G was on the horizon, and for better or for worse, the first iPhone hit shelves in June 2007. Tablets, Android, and tablet-phones quickly followed.

The next step, of course, is the Tricorder.

We're pleased to announce that you can get a taste of that future by winning a Starfleet TR-580 Tricorder VII--straight from the bridge of the Enterprise! Well, straight from the bridge set, via The Prop Store, because we've got some stardates to go before the 24th century. That means it won't actually scan for dampening fields or play holographic messages, but it does flip open and will make a lovely addition to your geek collection.

In addition to the non-functioning, love-worn Tricorder and its certificate of authenticity, our grand prize winner will also get a $1,000 ThinkGeek Shopping Spree. That should take care of whatever items you'll need for your away mission, but we wouldn't recommend picking up a red shirt unless it's for a "friend."

If the technology of the future and a shopping spree is not your thing, do not despair! Our runner up will win the tablet-phone of the present: a 16 GB Samsung Galaxy Note 4G Android Phone in Carbon Blue. You'll have to provide your own mobile contract, but on the upside, this device does play holographic messages--just kidding!

Want the future now? You'll just have to wait until tomorrow, because this contest has closed. We'll contact our winners shortly!

Looking for the legalese? Make it so.

ThinkGeek's Tricorder and $1,000 Shopping Spree Giveaway... from the future!