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iCADE Skin Design Contest iCADE Skin Design Contest

Think you could design a better iCADE skin than us?

No, really, it's an honest question.

Later this month we're going to launch a new iCADE accessory: iCADE skins. We've already designed a handful, but we have room for one more and we'd like to see what you can cook up.

If we choose to produce your design, you'll win a new iCADE with your skin, a $500 gift certificate, and your moment of internet fame in the form of credit for your design on ThinkGeek.com. And if we decide we have more than one winner, we'll toss in an extra $100 gift certificate or two for good measure.

UPDATE: This contest is now closed!

We had a lot of fun receiving entries over the last few weeks! It wasn't easy to choose a winner, and we appreciate the work that went into the designs--except for the whiteboard one by Michael J. (Just kidding, Michael! It's a clever idea but your blank entry PDF was pretty hilarious.) So without further ado...

Grand prize winner

iCADE IIIe by Andrew M., who wins a $500 shopping spree, iCADE, and skin of his design

We loved the throwback look of this skin, and of course we're suckers for a Timmy logo. (That's a Timmy there, not a very particular fruit.)

iCADE IIIe by Andrew M.


TARDIS by Keegan H., who wins a $100 gift certificate

Sure, everyone loves a TARDIS, but it was the detailed control panels that put us over the edge.

TARDIS by Keegan H.

TRON-ish by Mike D., who wins a $100 gift certificate

Ah, it reminds of us our actual TRON arcade cabinet--just smaller. (No, we're not planning on adding blacklights to the iCADE.)

TRON-ish by Mike D.

We also loved:

NES by Dann M.

Clever! It makes us want to blow on our iPads before gaming. But that would be weird.

NES by Dann M.

Octopus by Meghan K. M.

The control pads are the suckers, get it? Super colorful, too.

Octopus by Meghan K. M.

Whiteboard by Michael J.

Yes, he even sent in a blank template to make it clear it should just be a dry erase surface all over. Neat idea.

Whiteboard by Michael J.


  • You need to enter by 11:59pm ET on October 16, we'll contact the winner by October 21, and we hope to have the winning skin live and for sale on our site in the following weeks.
  • Your design could be a rough concept. We don't need finished, polished designs from the nongraphical artists amongst you. Does this mean you can print out a template and let your toddler wail on it with some crayons? Yes indeed.
  • Please don't incorporate licensed imagery like Donkey Kong and Pac-Man; sadly, we won't be able to produce those.
  • Download PDF template
  • To get started, download the template PDF here. It includes vectors if you want to go straight to Illustrator, and if you don't know what that means, you might want to stick to Photoshop. Or crayons.
  • We'll probably make some small changes to the winning design regardless of your artistic level, mostly to make sure it's within acceptable printing margins and the like.
  • Once entered, your design becomes the property of ThinkGeek. [Insert evil laugh here.] The rest of the legal mumbo jumbo is over here.


Sorry, this contest has closed!

We're really looking forward to seeing your entries! We offer bounty on t-shirts, haiku, and action shots, but we haven't done much of this, so we're hoping for face-meltingly awesome entries. No pressure.