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Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets

This product is no longer available

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Fizzy cake drink food beverage.

  • Add to water (or any liquid) for a fizzy cupcake extravaganza.
  • It's cupcake-y, so what's not to love.
  • Cupcakes are sometimes called Fairy Cakes because they are small. Awwww.

Oberon and Titania dance in circles, fight often, and sometimes mess with the affairs of mortals. One thing they can both agree on, however, is that the only drink worth drinking is Cupcake Juice (it's the real reason why cupcakes are called fairy cakes in some locals). But it's actually a lengthy brewing process to get said juice, so when the Fairy King and Queen travel, they bring along some Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets. And now you can, too!

Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets are effervescent tablets that you plop into any liquid you want. It will add fizz and also an enchanting cupcake taste. Add to water to take it straight, or try milk for a creamier (and calcium-er) taste. Really, your imagination is the limit. Why, you can even use Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets as a prank to surprise your friends (you could do that with the Fizzy Bacon Drink Tablets below, but somehow that seems too mean). We like cupcakes and we like drinking - so Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets are the perfect combination of both!

For nutrition information, click here.

Fizzy Cupcake Drink Tablets

  • Plop it into liquid, and watch it fizz up with the taste of cupcakes!
  • Works to add cupcake to any drink: water, milk, soda, wine, etc.
  • Each tin contains about fifteen tablets.
  • Tin Dimensions: 2.25" diameter.

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