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This does put a smile on our faces...

You guys are amazing!!! 175 costumes for Timmy's trip to SDCC came in from all across the country as part of Timmy's Cosplay Contest this year. El Paso, Texas alone had 26 entries! We had 21 Marvel creations and 8 from Overwatch. Mercy (from Overwatch) and Wonder Woman tied as the most popular costume, but Deadpool, Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, and Kratos from God of War were close behind.

And so, allow us to say congratulations to
Thanos Timmy created by Zevanda B. for our El Paso store!!!

The throne. Lights up. Thanos will be traveling with ThinkGeek's Away Team to Comic-Con. Swing by Booth #3349 to check him out in person (unless, of course, he's off doing a panel or something).

Mad props to Jareth the Goblin King from Labyrinth by Erin S. for our Buford, GA store and this Thirteenth Doctor from Doctor Who by Dani M. for our Oklahoma City store, who placed second and third, respectively!

Judge's Choice Awards

Additionally, we wanted to recognize a few of the Timmys that were our personal favorites around the office.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy from Bioshock, created by Lane B. for our Raleigh, NC store
Selected by Regan, Copymonkey and Keeper of the Timmys
I just love the attention to detail on this one. It's all crafted out of polymer clay, and the helmet not only goes on and off over Timmy's tricky head, but also it's hinged so Timmy can have the visor up. It's clearly a labor of love.

Mercy from Overwatch, created by Christina C. for our Savannah, GA store
Selected by Bianca, Social Media Maven and Timmy's Handler
How could I not choose my main? This Mercy Timmy is expertly crafted OUT OF FOAM(!), even down to Dr. Ziegler's Caduceus Staff. Heroes never die!

NCR Trooper
NCR Timmy Trooper from Fallout: New Vegas, created by Austin W. for our Clearwater, FL store
Selected by jnet, Manager of the Codemonkey Developer Squad
After seeing this, Timmy's... Timmy's outfit should never change. 1) The attention to detail with the mask (please note: if you add a battery-powered light to anything, you've p much got my vote). 2) The flag (look.at.that.flag) with the accurate miniaturized depiction of the NCR's iconic two-headed bear. 3) The spot-on colorization of (what looks like) a plasma rifle. 4) So! Good!

Georgie from IT, created by Katrina F. for our Sugar Land, TX store
Selected by Erin, Customer Communications Monkey and God Emperor of Fun
This Timmy is the perfect mix of adorable and creepy. From one angle, he's the sweetest boy in his trademark yellow slicker, but check out his right arm and you can see where Pennywise has taken his first nibble. Plus, his balloon looks just like a lollipop.

Blue-Shelled Timmys

We also had a lot of flippin' incredible Timmys who never made it out of their local competition. We here at World Domination HQ haven't seen these in person, but we wanted to give their creators a shoutout for the excellent creativity and craftsmanship.

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