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Timmy's Costume Corps: Epic Creations

Hit-Girl poster
We've been asking you to clothe Timmy for SDCC now for 8 years, and in the process we've received some epic creations. We wanted to introduce you to the humans behind some of those inspirational (aspirational?) cosplay ideas each week leading up to Comic-Con. Here's our second Elite Rank Timmy Costumer...

Meet wabbit!

wabbit made Timmy's cosplay for Rey, Kick-Ass, and Hit-Girl aka Hit-Timmy. Let's find out a little more about her...

What do you like to do?

I write fanfic and blogs, make costumes, build Lego, watch movies/TV, read comics, play with my dogs, worship my cat, and occasionally run various distances and/or do triathlons for charity. I also do a fair bit of Rebel Legion stuff. And I work a day job to make money to pay for all this geekery.

What flavor of geek are you?

Tiger's Blood. That's my favorite snow cone flavor, anyway. Oh. You meant what type of geek. Um...sci-fi? Star Wars/Trek/Gate. Then comics. Mostly Marvel, but some other titles, too. I love Firefly and The X-Files and Farscape. I'm a dedicated Ravenclaw, too. I'm much less into fantasy (with the aforementioned Harry Potter and Star Wars aside - yes, Star Wars is fantasy, folks) and I know hardly anything about anime and gaming (other than Pokemon - I do play Pokemon GO quite a bit).

How do you get your inspiration?

So, several years before Think Geek asked for Timmy costumes, I made special Timmy Clones for some friends of mine. I was pretty new to sewing then and did it as a project to see if I could. It turned out pretty well, so when I saw saw a tweet about making Timmy costumes years later, I investigated. I looked at the list of "most wanted" costumes and saw Hit-Girl on it, so I signed up. Since I'd done a Hit-Girl for myself recently, I had fabric left over, so why not? Then it was just miniaturizing everything.

The next year, I made Kick-Ass because no one else had, and Hit-Timmy needed a partner.

And then Rey was on the most wanted list the next year, and again, I'd recently done Rey for myself, so tiny copying commenced.

If you had to give others one tip about costuming Timmy, it would be

Remember that Timmy's feet are ginormous, so any pants have to account for that if you want to get them on and off. Timmy's hands have the same effect, but less so. Oh! And hook side Velcro sticks to Timmy Clones! This is useful for wigs and such.

That bolding in the last one is ours. We have on multiple occasions made pants for Timmy and then realized his feet wouldn't fit. Want to know more about wabbit? Follow her Twitter account @wabbit89!

On that note, allow us to remind you that

We have a contest running in the stores and at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ for the ultimate costume for Timmy to wear to Comic-Con 2018. Make with the clicking of the link above for details!

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