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Timmy's Costume Corps: Epic Creations

Timmy as Snape
We've been asking you to clothe Timmy for SDCC now for 8 years, and in the process we've received some epic creations. We wanted to introduce you to the humans behind some of those inspirational (aspirational?) cosplay ideas each week leading up to Comic-Con. Here's the third in our series highlighting Elite Rank Timmy Costumers...

Meet Lory M!

Lory is the brains (and hands) behind Timmy's Snape, Iron Man, and Connor from Assassin's Creed cosplay. Look at all the tiny buttons!!!1! Let's find out a little more about her...

What do you like to do?

My favorite thing to do right now is LARPing. I play a game called Twin Mask, out of So Cal. It's the biggest thing that keeps me sewing and making costumes, as I'm forever making myself new pieces. Outside of that, I'm a software admin, a video gamer, and a cat mom to two little tuxedo kittens, Castor and Pollux! Though I do love to sew, I'm hoping to become a novelist when I grow up. Writing is one of my passions!

What flavor of geek are you?

Any and every! I run a D&D game once a month, LARP as often as I can, play all sorts of video games (console and computer), I love board games (current favorite is Shadows of Brimstone), will read anything written by Neil Gaiman, love both Star Trek and Star Wars, and could listen to Neil DeGrasse Tyson or Bill Nye talk about science pretty much all day every day. I love both fantasy and sci-fi equally, though I find my analog geekeries tend toward fantasy and my digital geekeries tend toward sci-fi.

How do you get your inspiration?

I picked up sewing in High School, and never looked back. I joined a Ren Faire reenactment group in High School, and started cosplaying in college. Costumes from Video Games, movies, TV shows, or artwork from book covers will sometimes send me into a 'I wonder if I can make that' crafting fit.

I also have some Costume Designers that I know I'll always love what they do. For my favorites, Colleen Atwood, William Ivey Long, and Ruth E. Carter are top of my list!

If you had to give others one tip about costuming Timmy, it would be

No matter the costume - the details and accessories are really the best part. They add texture to any costume, and can really make a costume feel like it's the clothes of the character. Don't be afraid to be a little extra when it comes to making accessories for Timmy!

For instance, on Timmy's Assassin Creed costume, I had the best time making his weapons and embroidering his hood with a bird motif. I made him a bow, quiver, axe, and little feather to hang from his tail. (Ed. note: And she hand painted a tiny AC symbol on it.)

Want to know more about Lory M? Check out her YouTube channel, where she has a How to Sew series of tutorials.

On that note, allow us to remind you that

We have a contest running in the stores and at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ for the ultimate costume for Timmy to wear to Comic-Con 2018. Make with the clicking of the link above for details!

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