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Timmy's Costume Corps: Epic Creations

Payment in Bottlecaps
We've been asking you to clothe Timmy for SDCC now for 8 years, and in the process we've received some epic creations. We wanted to introduce you to the humans behind some of those inspirational (aspirational?) cosplay ideas each week leading up to Comic-Con. Here's the our final Elite Rank Timmy Costumer for you to hear from...

Meet Mat S!

Mat is nothing if not over the top with his Timmy costumes. He does the BEST accessories, and they have an incredible level of detail. He's created Wasteland Trader Timmy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Timmy (whom we keep on display as Leo, but Mat provided us the accessories for all four Turtles!). Let's learn a little more about him.

What do you like to do?

I really like making nifty things - it's why I wanted to make cool costumes for Timmy and the reason I started my own business, Czarofhappiness Props. In addition to bingeing superhero shows on Netflix and playing Xbox games, I have more-active hobbies, including Flying Trapeze, Martial Arts (Kickboxing & JKD), and outdoorsy stuff, like Kayaking, Hiking, & Cycling.

What flavor of geek are you?

I guess I'm a Renaissance Geek - I like a little (or a lot) of all things geeky. My top 3 obsessions are: Star Wars, Dungeons & Dragons, and Fallout.

How do you get your inspiration?

I have no idea, but looming deadlines are a key factor. I love making references and including easter eggs in a lot of my work, so that's an element of what goes into giving me ideas.

If you had to give others one tip about costuming Timmy, it would be

Find the Venn diagram areas where your geeky interests/fandoms and your arts/crafts talents overlap. That'll not only help narrow down the list of what you want to make, but it'll set you up to create cool things that look and feel right. (This is why the two Timmy costumes I've done so far are very prop-/object-centric.)

Want to know more about Mat S? Check out his Twitter account (@czarofhappiness) or the Facebook page for his business, Czarofhappiness Props, where you can see more of his amazing handiwork.

On that note, allow us to remind you that

We have a contest running in the stores and at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ for the ultimate costume for Timmy to wear to Comic-Con 2018. Make with the clicking of the link above for details!

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