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We're at PAX East! Find us at booth #6188.

We're ready to take on PAX East! Find us at Booth 15090. Photo by: Chris Christo.

PAX East, here we come!

Come one, come all to our circus of value! Timmy and the ThinkGeek away team are headed to PAX East in Boston, MA. We hope to see you there! This is our sixth PAX East - and we're aiming to make it the best one yet. We've got new products, we've got con exclusives, we've got freebies, we've got an interactive Cuphead photobooth, and we have FREE SHRUGS! Catch the PAX East Away Team at Booth 15090 to purchase your favorite TG goodies and hang out with Timmy!

Can't make it to Boston? Join in on the fun and enter to win an amazing Cuphead prize pack from ThinkGeek!

PAX East Cuphead Sweepstakes

We've got a lot in store for all you con-goers this weekend, including brand new merch, con exclusives, freebies, and an interactive Cuphead photobooth!

The Official Guide to Stalking ThinkGeek at PAX East 2018

Where to Find Us:

  • For most of the con, you can find us at booth #15090. Along with our newest and most popular items, we'll be carrying some con exclusives as well. Pick 'em up before we run out!


  • We've got a TON of awesome products we hauled to the Frozen Nor- er... Boston. Stop by booth #15090 to check out our latest legendary loot!
  • ThinkGeek is debuting a new Pinny Arcade pin at East this year! If you're like us, you've always dreamed of a Good Boi with three heads itchin' for pets. We think you'll like our latest offering.
  • We have a really awesome interactive Cuphead photobooth! Take home a memento from the con to remind you of dying to Cala Maria 300 times.


  • Check back here each morning before the show (or follow us on social) to get each day's quest - then come by the booth to earn yourself a lil' somethin' somethin':
    • Thursday: Sign up for email at booth #15090
    • Friday: Show the Away Team you follow ThinkGeek on social!
    • Saturday: TBA
    • Sunday: TBA

See you all there!

Conrad Gessner

Citation Needed

Today is the 502nd anniversary of the birth of Conrad Gessner, regarded as the father of modern bibliography, zoology, and botany, according to Wikipedia. He was the first to catalog and describe many species in Europe, including the guinea pig, the pencil, and the tulip. In fact, most tulip cultivars today are classified as Tulipa gesneriana, named for him. He loved books, literally cutting and pasting his own database together, and reputedly requesting to be taken to his library to die amongst his tomes. The next time you see a tulip, give a little thanks to Conrad Gessner for his work.


Despite the fact that the first day of Spring was literally yesterday, Mother Nature decided to celebrate with a huge snow storm at ThinkGeek HQ.

Why is this happening?

Look at this mess! This isn't what Spring looks like!

While we hide away from the confusing weather outside, we decided to put together a quick guide on how to have a perfect Snow Day.


Harry Potter Posh Magic Bedding

This is an integral part of any Snow Day. It is a completely necessary first step to getting the full enjoyment out of your surprise imprisonment in your own home. If the weather isn't going to cooperate, why should you? So, pull those sheets back up over your head and turn off your alarm. Dream about one day leaving your house again. If you're looking for a new way to spruce up your hibernation den, ThinkGeek has lots of options here. The important part is to get nice and cozy and slip back into La La Land for a few more hours.


Dreamin' Narwhal Kigurumi

Now that you're properly awake, it is time to get dressed for the day. Perfect Snow Day wear allows you to carry the feeling of still being asleep in your bed wherever you go in your home. Pajamas, hoodies, and warm socks are all acceptable choices. This monkey prefers some sort of animal-based kigurumi, but any loungewear that banishes the thought of the cold outside world will work. If you need to stock up on your own Snow Day attire, we have plenty of choices here.


Narwhal Mug

Substitute the warmth of real human interaction with the warmth of a hot beverage in your hands. Make it as hot as you can stand in order to trick your body into believing it will one day be warm again. It won't be, of course. We live on Hoth now. But it's always nice to dream. ThinkGeek has plenty of fun mugs to choose from if your pantry is looking a little sad. This monkey believes a bigger mug is better; it means fewer trips to the kitchen. While you're waiting for your beverage to heat up, it's also time to raid the pantry for some portable snacks. You'll need them later.


Star Wars Cutesy Roll Plush

You have donned your Snow Day armor, retrieved sustenance, and carry the warmth of a thousand suns in your hands. It is now time to decide where you want to spend the rest of your day. A Snow Day nest will be your home for the remainder of your exile, so you will need to fill it with as many pillows, blankets, and plush as you deem necessary for maximum comfort. Snow Day scientists are split on whether a couch or a bed is a better location for the Snow Day nest. We recommend doing your own testing and finding what works for you.


The Dark Tower Series Boxed Set

Whether you want to play a new game, catch up on your reading, or finally watch that Netflix show everyone is talking about (you know the one we're talking about), you finally have the time to do so. Hunkered down in your nest with all the essentials, the day is yours to do with what you will. Enjoy it.

Do you have your own favorite Snow Day traditions? Do you also think winter should just end already? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook.

Wyatt Earp

"He was the most fearless man I ever saw"

Wyatt Earp would turn 170 today if he were a revenant like the ones his fictional descendant Wynonna Earp now has to deal with on Syfy. The frontier lawman may have gotten perhaps a bit more credit than he deserved owing to some well-timed publicity, but he has become a folk hero. But we'd still aim for the head if we saw him today, being 170 and all.


Happy #JediDay!


Today, March 8th, is hereby known as Jedi Day. This is because today in Hollywood, California, Mark Hamill will be recognized for his contribution to entertainment with his very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The monkeys at ThinkGeek want to take the time to celebrate Mark Hamill and everything we love about the Jedi.

Thank you, Mark Hamill, for breathing life into the character of Luke Skywalker.
We held our breath watching you use the Force to target the exhaust port in the Death Star.
We worried about you when you had to crawl inside a recently deceased Tauntaun for warmth.
We struggled with you as you learned to master the Force with Master Yoda. (Who knew so many piggyback rides were involved?)
We gasped (and cringed) when you discovered the princess you kissed was your sister.
We cried with you as you helped redeem your father in his final moments.
We suffered when you left us hanging at the end of The Force Awakens.
We celebrated when you delivered on that anticipation two years later in The Last Jedi. (Milking that Thala-siren is not something we are soon to forget, Luke.)

We raise our lightsabers to you, Mark Hamill. You are more than deserving of this honor. Congratulations!

Mark Hamill's star will be dedicated at a special ceremony at 11:30 AM PT. Hamill's Star Wars friends Harrison Ford and George Lucas will be joining the master of ceremonies Leron Gubler to unveil the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. If you'd like to tune in to watch the ceremony yourself, you can do so at www.walkoffame.com.

You can choose to celebrate Jedi Day however you like, but we'll be building a Luke Skywalker shrine around our The Last Jedi Luke Profile Wall Art, counting down the minutes until the ceremony on our Nixon Luke Skywalker Safari Watch, and practicing "conflict resolutions" with a Plush Luke and Wampa. You can grab your own celebratory gear over here at ThinkGeek.com.

What's your favorite Luke Skywalker or Mark Hamill memory? How are you celebrating #JediDay and #TheLastJedi Mark Hamill? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting @thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook!