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February 2018 Archives

Last month a handful of monkeys from ThinkGeek got to go on Star Trek Cruise II, and we had so much fun! It's amazing to be on a ship with 2000 other people who are ready and willing to geek out with you at a moment's notice. It's basically a convention at sea, only with an all-you-can eat soft-serve ice cream machine.

Entertainment Cruise Productions transformed the Norwegian Jade. The elevators became turbolifts. Locations were renamed thematically; there was Sandrine's II for fancy dinners and 13 Forward for relaxation. Every restaurant or bar you walked into had Star Trek playing on every screen (along with your in-cabin television). There was a huge 4-screen jumbotron by the pool (the Borg Cube), constantly playing Trek-themed videos. There were Neelix-suggested menu options and a selection of custom drinks (the copywriter's favorite was Gowron's Bloodwine).

And, of course, the stars! Our host this year was none other than George Takei, and it was humbling to hear him talk about his life in person. Over a dozen Star Trek cast and crew were on board, each of whom hosted a special event. We learned tap dance from Gates McFadden, cooked with Nana Visitor, and got to hear Brent Spiner sing! And the lectures were amazing. We feel like our brains grew three sizes that day attending the seminars hosted by professors Armin Shimmerman on Shakespeare and James Cassidy on soil, plus astronaut Rick Searfoss's sessions on the space program. And, oh, yeah. There were beautiful sandy beaches in Honduras, Belize, and Mexico, too. Risa ain't got nothin' on us!

Timmy meets his favorite consonant
The best part, though, was definitely seeing everybody with their ThinkGeek gear. Trekinis and Geeki Tikis were plentiful! We didn't take pictures of all you gorgeous people (because it's creepy to be all, "Can I get a picture of you in your swimsuit?"), but feel free to link to them in the comments if you were aboard with us.

Star Trek The Cruise III is already more than half full! Based on the above, are you surprised? If you want to geek out next year with host Wil Wheaton, you'd better beam on over there and book your room. This cruise is not to be missed!


Happy birthday, Chuck. Here's a finch to grow an inch!

ICYMI, today is the anniversary of Charles Darwin's birth. He's a bit of a hero amongst us geeks, having come up with the theory of evolution and all. In honor of this momentous occasion, we're going to attempt to clone Timmy using somatic cell nuclear transfer like his long-tailed macaque cousins recently created in China. If successful the clone, Timmy Timmy, will do all the stuff Timmy dreads like his taxes and waiting at the auto service place. That'll leave Timmy free to visit that Egyptian tomb with the dancing monkeys to check out the natural selection of sweet, sweet moves.