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Games to play with your loved one(s) on Valentine's Day


If you're anything like us, every holiday on the calendar is an excuse to break into the board game closet, and Valentine's Day is no exception. ThinkGeek rounded up some of our favorite games to play on your Valentine's Day Game Night! Whether you are settling in for a two-player game with that very special someone or inviting the whole crew over for game night, you can find something to enjoy on the list below.

Princess Bride-opoly

Princess Bride-opoly (2-5 players)

This game has everything. "Fencing, fighting, torture, revenge, giants, monsters, chases, escapes, true love, miracles." And that's just the setup!

You and your partner can quote your favorite romantic movie together as you mercilessly buy up all the properties they need and then tax them relentlessly into bankruptcy. Hopefully, your true love is as steadfast as Wesley. Your bonds will be tested by this classic game transformed into the locations and events from The Princess Bride.

Not to mention, the Community Chest cards are renamed Twoo Wuv, so that makes all that ruthless business adorably romantic, right?

RECOMMENDED FOR: Date night for two, Double dates, Friends you don't mind losing

Spank the Yeti

Spank the Yeti (2-10 players)

Everyone remembers playing that romantic game of bed, wed, dead (or the much more raunchy title that our Overlords won't let us put down in print). Well, what if you could take that game and expand it out to include actions like "star in a buddy cop flick with," "feed to a bear," and "dance battle." And what if you weren't limited to famous celebrities or your Algebra class crushes, but had to sort through your feelings for "a frog that may or may not be a handsome prince," "the knights who say 'Ni!'," and "Albus Dumbledore"?!

This game tests how well you really know your partner. You can never truly know someone until you know if they would divorce, but continue to live with a robot who just wants to feel real feelings. This fun party game gives you points for correctly predicting how the other players would pair up their actions and object cards. But don't be surprised if you learn just a little too much about your loved ones...

RECOMMENDED FOR: Date night for two, Double dates, Friends you want to learn too much about

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game (2-4 players)

As we all know, there is no greater love story than a test subject and their cake. Or, at least, the promise of cake. Put your relationship on the backburner as you race away from collapsing Test Chambers and towards as much cake as you can collect all in the name of SCIENCE!

We're not trying to put intentionally antagonistic games on this list (even if "uncooperative" is in the title of this one), but we feel a healthy relationship has room for you to laugh at your partner as you let their faceless Test Subjects and cake slices fall to their doom.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Date night for two, Double dates, Your mortal enemies

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 or Season 2

Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 or Season 2 (2-4 players)

If you're looking for something a bit more collaborative, look no further than the Pandemic Legacy games. These games grow and evolve over the course of many game sessions. Perfect for when you're ready to make a serious commitment... to your board game nights!

The game initially works like your standard game of Pandemic, where players work together to contain and cure various diseases threatening to end life on this planet as we know it. Gameplay quickly evolves, however, revealing an unfolding story where the decisions you make in one session will affect all your future games.

You and your partner will work together to combat the various challenges together and SAVE THE WORLD! Pandemic Legacy Season 1 or Season 2 are great games for many game nights to come.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Date night for two (for months to come), Your most dependable friends

Red Flags

Red Flags (3-10 players)

Instead of pointing out all the flaws in the real life partners of the people that you know, why not play a game about convincing your friends to go on horrible fictional dates instead! Every round, one player plays the role of the person going on the date aka the judge. The other players try to pick two good traits, or Perks, for a potential date partner. Then, everyone plays a Red Flag onto the Perks of the player to their left trying to ruin everything good there. The judge then gets to sort through these terrible characters that have been created trying to pick the least awful date.

Most people have been on bad dates before, but it's amazingly cathartic to laugh with your friends about intentionally disastrous dates that you'll never have to go on in real life.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Double dates, Friends you can laugh with

Giant Magic 8 Ball

BONUS: Giant Magic 8 Ball (1+ players)

While your friends are all out on their "dates," you'll be the one at home divining the future with a Giant Magic 8 Ball.

Is this joke too sad for this listicle? ...What's that? "It is decidedly so?" Hmm...must not be working correctly...

RECOMMENDED FOR: Amateur seers

Do you have your own favorite Valentine's Day Game Night games? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us by tweeting@thinkgeek or messaging us on Facebook.

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