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N7 Day: A Celebration of Mass Effect

N7 Day - November 7th

Maybe you've been hanging out in a frozen cave on Gellix for the last few years and haven't heard, but N7 Day is a celebration of all things Mass Effect. BioWare celebrated the first N7 Day on November 7, 2012 to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the original Mass Effect game. Since then, BioWare and fans have celebrated the anniversary each year with fan art, cosplay, restrospectives, and amazing loot!

What's N7, And Why Does It Have A Day?

If you've played any of the Mass Effect games, this is all probably very familiar. But if you haven't, (and don't have the hours required to remedy this problem immediately), we'll have you up to speed in no time.

N7 is a designation of the Systems Alliance military, which protects the interests of Earth and all human colonies in Citadel space. This rank shows that its holder graduated from the rigorous Interplanetary Combatives Training program. The "N" indicates special forces, and the "7" is the highest level of completion. N7 designation can only be achieved by trainees who not only survive, but excel in active conflict situations throughout the galaxy. N7 personnel are the best and the brightest of Systems Alliance personnel.

As the first Mass Effect game debuted in North America in November 2007, the 7th day of November was chosen to officially mark the release anniversary--N7 Day had a pretty good ring to it! Please join us in celebrating our favorite N7 (Commander Shepherd, of course), the Ryder twins, Garrus, Peebee, and all things Mass Effect on the tenth anniversary of the original game's launch! (Editor's note: OMG has it been ten years!?)

Loot Fit For A Commander

Mass Effect Geeki Tikis

This year, we're proud to announce our new line of Mass Effect Geeki Tikis in honor of N7 Day. Enjoy your favorite galactic beverage from one of these ceramic tiki mugs. (Emergency induction ports not included.) Pre-order your set now to have them in time for the holidays!

Looking for even more great Mass Effect gear? We've got you covered! Take a look at all of our Mass Effect products and find the one that's perfect for you, or pick up the perfect gift for a Mass Effect fan in your life.

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