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Dungeons and Dragons Livestream - Character Bios!

Find us at www.twitch.tv/thinkgeek

Kobolds and goblins and adventure - oh my! All at Twitch.tv/thinkgeek

ThinkGeek is livestreaming a one-shot Dungeons and Dragons campaign for International Tabletop Day!

Join the adventure at 3 PM ET, Saturday April 30th on Twitch, and you could win some loot of your own!

Let's take some time to get to know our ragtag crew before they get to the hackin' and slashin':

Drogon Eagleclaw - Half-Orc Barbarian (Played by Midge)

The last of the Blood-Fist Clan, Drogon's family camp was raided by a rampaging human army. Those that weren't killed were captured and enslaved, including the Clan matriarch, Drogon's mother. Discovering she was pregnant with her slaver's half-human child, she escaped her bondage and fled to give birth to Drogon. Exiled and alone, no-one would take them in. Barely surviving on their own, Drogon's mother was ultimate murdered by a black-cloaked wizard, and stole their only possession - a powerful gauntlet worn only by the chieftain of the clan - Drogon's birthright. Hidden in the hollow of a dead tree, the child Drogon could only watch, and did nothing to help his mother, but he vowed that one day he would find the wizard who killed his mother and reclaim the Gaunlet of Gurshon. His singular purpose brought him to the cities west of the Sky Spire where a street-gang provided for him. There he grew into a strong enforcer, learning the ways of battle and stealth, but never forgetting his true purpose.

Boo - Human Rogue (Played by Noreen)

Born to a wealthy family, Boo wanted for nothing. Every desire was provided, and all the world's abundance was hers for the asking. She excelled in her lessons - dance, acrobatics, and music, but became bored with her gilded life. Seeking adventure, she snuck out every night getting into bar fights, and stealing trinkets and baubles for the thrill of it all - that is, until one day when tragedy struck her family. In a flash of arrogance and hubris, her family lost their entire fortune which left Boo forever changed. Now, sullen and withdrawn, this once good-natured thrill seeker has turned cold and vengeful.

Agnes Radcliffe - High Elf Wizard (Played by Erin)

A bright young elf of only 212 year, Agnes comes from a proud family of wealthy elven nobility, and as such, was given a highly sought after position in the High Archives. A voracious reader, she devoured every book and scroll she was able to get her hands on. Her life changed the day she discovered the Harold the Potter collection - a popular series of novels a young potter's apprentice who attends a wizarding school. Abandoning all other studies, she devoted herself to the study of wizardry. Overjoyed at their daughter's scholarly approach to life, her parents were delighted to send her to University, until she was expelled for "disruptive behavior." This pattern, sadly, repeated itself until she decided that the fictional world of "Pigpimples School of Wizardry" would never compare to the tedium of actual Wizarding schooling. Disappointed with their daughter's lackadaisical approach to schooling, she was barred from returning home until she "at least completes a wizarding certificate program, for gods' sake, Agnes!" Now, she wanders the land looking for adventure, and people who are willing to read her works of transformative fiction. After all, she is the protagonist of her own story. How much trouble could she get into?

Inidani - Tiefling Ranger (Played by Alicia)

Often mistaken for half-fiends, Tieflings are often mistrusted creatures. It should be no wonder - their curling horns, deep-set red eyes, pointed teeth and tails did nothing to dispel the myth. As a youngster, Inidani used others fear of her as a way to keep her distance from other people. As she grew older, she withdrew to the forest where she learned to deeply respect the natural world around her. She taught herself to fight, survive, and thrive amongst the creatures and trees of the woodland and stay as far away from the work of mankind as possible. She does venture into the city occasionally, though more from curiosity than necessity. She's unflinchingly bold, direct, and often brusque, showing no patience for the trappings of culture.

Noruc Stormriver - Dwarven Paladin (Played by Aaron)

The second son of the King of Earthspar, Noruc was offered, but rejected a seat on his father's small council. He, instead, found his calling performing good works for the Church of Moradin, the Dwarf God of Creation. There, he helped build great temples, spires, and huge edifices of stone and steel. His noble position granted him a great deal of sway with the Church, until the Usurper came. His cousin, Khudroth Stormriver, with the backing of the Church, assassinated the King and Noruc's older brother, Borolin, and defiled the Church of Moradin. Noruc himself escaped only with his life, though the shame of having to flee shattered him. Now, Noruc gathers his strength - adventuring in the world, hoping to find treasure and allies with which he can return to Earthspar, dethrone his cousin, and regain his birthright.

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