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Despite the heat, July is cool

Wet Hot American Summer

Ah, July. We're not necessarily looking forward to your dog days of summer (unless it really does mean more dogs in the office), but we are looking forward to a lot of things this month including two big North America birthdays, two big birthdays for sci-fi fans everywhere, and two big returns for a couple of our favorites!

  • July 1st - Canada Day!
  • July 1st - Terminator: Genisys. (There are several "I'll be back jokes" we don't think we need to make here, but we're definitely excited to be going back to the theater for this one.)
  • July 4th - Fourth of July (Fireworks!)
  • July 5th - Shark Week 2015 kicks off. We know, but we can't help watching.
  • July 7th - Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora comes out in hardcover (+ ebook, audiobook) in the USA/Canada
  • July 10th - Minions. They so crazy; we love!
  • July 13th - Harrison Ford AND Patrick Stewart's Birthday. (Let it sink in.) Excuse us, we have cakes to bake.
  • July 14th - Ready Player One author Ernest Cline has a second book coming out: Armada
  • July 22nd - Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (sigh, see our comment above re Shark Week.)
  • July 24th - Aliens inspired by video games (and Peter Dinklage as an '80s arcade champ)? We're hopeful about Pixels.
  • July 30th - August 2nd - Grab your decks, dice, and boards - it's time for Gen Con!
  • July 31st - The cast of Wet Hot American Summer is back with a prequel series - cue up the Netflix binge!

And what are YOU looking forward to in July that we've missed? Or that we mentioned? We wanna know!

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