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June 2015 Archives

Wet Hot American Summer

Ah, July. We're not necessarily looking forward to your dog days of summer (unless it really does mean more dogs in the office), but we are looking forward to a lot of things this month including two big North America birthdays, two big birthdays for sci-fi fans everywhere, and two big returns for a couple of our favorites!

  • July 1st - Canada Day!
  • July 1st - Terminator: Genisys. (There are several "I'll be back jokes" we don't think we need to make here, but we're definitely excited to be going back to the theater for this one.)
  • July 4th - Fourth of July (Fireworks!)
  • July 5th - Shark Week 2015 kicks off. We know, but we can't help watching.
  • July 7th - Kim Stanley Robinson's Aurora comes out in hardcover (+ ebook, audiobook) in the USA/Canada
  • July 10th - Minions. They so crazy; we love!
  • July 13th - Harrison Ford AND Patrick Stewart's Birthday. (Let it sink in.) Excuse us, we have cakes to bake.
  • July 14th - Ready Player One author Ernest Cline has a second book coming out: Armada
  • July 22nd - Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! (sigh, see our comment above re Shark Week.)
  • July 24th - Aliens inspired by video games (and Peter Dinklage as an '80s arcade champ)? We're hopeful about Pixels.
  • July 30th - August 2nd - Grab your decks, dice, and boards - it's time for Gen Con!
  • July 31st - The cast of Wet Hot American Summer is back with a prequel series - cue up the Netflix binge!

And what are YOU looking forward to in July that we've missed? Or that we mentioned? We wanna know!

There is a time in the not too distant future when ThinkGeek World Domination HQ will be empty - a vast expanse of abandoned offices and cubicles. Office dogs will roam freely, coffee mugs will sit unused, and we wouldn't count on us sending out emails either.

Is it the end of times?  Has there been something cataclysmic?  Nah, Fallout 4 is coming soon, and we'll be taking the day off to play.

So, while we're all thinking about roaming the wasteland of Boston, what other cities do you think are prime for the Fallout treatment?

(Think we forgot a locale that should be listed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!)


Yep, it's that time again, and it's earlier than usual. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Run, don't walk to your sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, hot glue guns, bedazzlers, and the kitchen (because you're going to need a snack). Timmy needs some new threads for SDCC in July & has put out the request for costumes!

Half a decade ago, we started this project, and Timmy's personal costume closet has become a source of envy for every ThinkGeek monkey (and some fans!) Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the volunteers who have donated their time and skillz towards making Timmy the best dressed monkey ever. It's hard for us to express just how much we appreciate your help in keeping Timmy clothed all year long. (He'd run around naked if we let him have his way! Eep.)

Want to see Timmy model your genius creation? Check out his costume wish list below, take a gander at his existing collection, and sign up to volunteer!

Our most coveted costumes, with the already taken suggestions struck through:

Fourth Doctor Timmy & Captain America
  • DC Comics: Batman, the Joker, Superman, Clark Kent, Harley Quinn, The Flash, or Arrow
  • Marvel: Nick Fury, Guardians of the Galaxy, The Vision, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Daredevil, The Invisible Woman(Monkey), The Thing, or The Human(Monkey) Torch
  • Star Trek: Riker (w/ chair!), Khan, Borg Picard
  • Star Wars: Boba Fett, Jabba the Hut, BB-8, or anyone from The Force Awakens
  • Game of Thrones: Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Daenerys Targaryen (w/ dragons!), White Walker, Joffrey, Oberyn Martell, Little Finger, any of the Sand Snakes, or Ned Stark
  • Firefly: Captain Mal, River Tam, or Zoe
  • Doctor Who: Clara, Rose, Donna, Martha, Cyberman, 10th Doctor, 12th Doctor, or Ood
  • LotR & the Hobbit: Thorin Oakenshield, Gandalf the Grey, Gollum, or Legolas
  • Bioshock: Big Daddy, Booker DeWitt or Elizabeth
  • Nintendo: Bowser, Timmy-size Yoshi, Death-stare Luigi, the Splatoon Squids
  • Adventure Time: BMO, Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, or Lumpy Space Princess
  • Mass Effect: Tali, Garrus, or Commander Shepard
  • The X-Files: Scully or Mulder
  • Anyone from Jurassic World
  • GLaDOS
  • Dexter
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Master Chief
  • Dean Pelton
  • April O'Neil
  • Lion-O
  • Domo
  • Doge

We welcome all your ideas and suggestions, too!

If you sign up below, we'll be in touch via email to confirm your costume pick to ensure maximum costume efficiency. (Ten people working on the same costume means we'll have to choose favorites and that's no fun.) Timmy's measurements are below for reference.

Timmy's measurements

Height: 8"; Chest (all the way around): 9"; Neck (all the way around): 8"; Arm (shoulder to end of hand): 3.5"; Shoulder to wrist: 2"; Tips of fingers to fingers across shoulders: 10"; Inseam: 2"; Outseam (hip to bottom of foot): 3.5"; Head (where a hat would fit): 8"; Height (tip of head to bottom of foot): 7.5"; Tail length: 5"; Width of face across nose: 2"; Width of feet (so you can get pants on over them): 1.75"; Neck to hip (for shirts): 3". Pretty sure that's every possible measurement, but let us know if we missed one!

Your deadline, should you choose to accept it

Timmy and his entourage will leave ThinkGeek HQ on July 7th, and they'll need some time to organize and get his bags packed. So the deadline for your costume to arrive at the HQ is June 30th, 2015.

Where to ship your creations

Please address your costume to:

Timmy's Volunteer Costuming Corps, ThinkGeek

11216 Waples Mill Road, Suite 100

Fairfax, VA 22030

Where will Timmy wear your work?

All over the world! At conventions and geeky gatherings, fundraisers, and premiers. He'll debut his new costumes at SDCC this July, though. We also display all of his costumes in our conference room, and in our Timmy costume Flickr album where you'll be credited so that others may bask in the glow of your stunning artistry forever.

That's it! If you have any questions or need more details, please comment below and we'll update this post with the necessary information.

We are already so excited! Thank you, everyone!