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Mother Knows Best Of Course, But Which Mother Is Best?

While flowers and jewelry and breakfast in bed may be the traditional (and wonderful) ways a lot of people celebrate Mothers' Day, we thought it would be fun to give this upcoming holiday a touch more grit as well. So in the great tournament spirit, we'd like to pit some of our favorite moms from television against some of our favorite moms from the movies to see who most deserves the crown MOM SUPREME. Help us rank the list of moms below and we'll report back with the resulting matchups and winners next week!

Who do you think is the most "momtastic"?

(Think we forgot someone that should be on here? Share your favorite mom(s) in the comments below!)

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meaningless icon! Clearly, Mrs. Incredible wins - she's adaptable, caring, vicious, and unstoppable when it comes to protecting her children and her family.
MrsIncredible said this 1240 days ago.
meaningless icon! "Not my daughter you b****"... no mom better than Ms. Weasley.
Bellarue said this 1240 days ago.
meaningless icon! What about Dana Skully? After we finally found out that it was Mulder's, she had to give up her son because he's probably part alien. Little 'Spooky Jr' banished because he can make his mobile move on it's own, and Skully left barren again.
dfunk29 said this 1239 days ago.
meaningless icon! The toughest decision was between Helen Parr and Molly Weasley, how do you chose between those two?
Coilla said this 1237 days ago.
meaningless icon! I really Love Sarah Conor, I mean she is the best amongst the rest. The movie Terminator resonates globally and her picture gives me nostalgic memories... Paul Mavis http://goodgadgetsonline.com
PaulMavis said this 1233 days ago.

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