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April is the coolest month

Waiting for Season 5...

What are we looking forward to in April? Well, for starters, less snow than March. And, of course, our taxes. Oh no wait. Strike that bit.

  • April 1st - We hear there's a holiday.
  • April 4th - TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! We will not be looking at the moon with you.
  • April 9th - Ex Machina. Right. It could be really bad, but we like the concept, and we're suckers for good Turing Test fiction.
  • April 10th - The release date for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the series Daredevil. Netflix understands better than anyone how folks stream, and they're releasing the entire first season of Marvel's Daredevil at once, apparently to keep us from doing other things that weekend. Clever. Very clever.
  • April 11th - But they have underestimated us. Netflix will not keep us away from our local gaming shop on International TableTop Day. But we might be a little late.
  • April 12th - Yuri's Night & HBO's Game of Thrones season 5 premiere. Hopefully the GoT season premiere is self-explanatory for fans. Yuri's Night is a celebration of humanity venturing into space, and there are parties all around the world to honor Yuri Gagarin's milestone.
  • April 16th -19th - ThinkGeek will be at Star Wars Celebration at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, and hopefully we'll see many of you there!
  • April 18th - The Orphan Black season 3 premiere. 324B21.

  • April 20th - Send ThinkGeek a free Pizza Day. We're not sure why Hallmark hasn't jumped on this holiday, but you guys sure have, and we love you for it. Here we are enjoying 2013's harvest:

    Send ThinkGeek a Pizza Day 2013
  • April 24th - Apple Watch! Apple Watch! Apple Watch!
  • April 28th - The release date for Darth Vader and Friends, the new book by our friend Jeffrey Brown and also National Superhero Day. A day to celebrate your favorite superheroes and also your favorite real-life heroes. We're not clear how this differs from, well, any given day.

And what are YOU looking forward to in April that we've missed? Or that we mentioned? We wanna know!

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