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Introducing holiday Flat Rate Shipping to the contiguous U.S.

Holiday Flat Rate Shipping!

We're taking away one of your holiday surprises, but we think you're going to like it. Instead of putting goodies in your cart to see how much your shipping will be, you will now KNOW because our awesome Palletmonkeys have coordinated Flat Rate Shipping for our contiguous U.S. customers for the holiday. That's right, put as many items in your cart for the same rate, plus Standard Shipping is still Free when you spend $75 or more!

The basics: 
  • Standard Shipping is $6.95 (2-6 days after processing), and it's still FREE on orders $75+ (no coupon required; FREE shipping does not combine with other offers).
  • Expedited Shipping is $12.95 (2-3 days after processing).
  • Express Shipping is $24.95 (1-2 days after processing - if you select Expedited or Express Shipping before 1pm ET, your order ships the same day).
  • A small number of heavy items carry a $10 surcharge.

You've been asking for it, and we're super-happy to be able to offer you guys flat rate shipping for the holidays!

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meaningless icon! Awesome; now you just need to do the same for international shipping!
Talvo said this 1409 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for the news, but when will you be looking at the international shipping rates? Today, the only options are with private courriers, and it's way too expensive to ship to Europe. Try to get better deals with USPS. Your customers across the Atlantic, and elsewhere in the Universe will be thankful...
SW Fan Club Switzerland said this 1409 days ago.
meaningless icon! I wish it was world wide :(
MC Théoden said this 1408 days ago.
meaningless icon! Can you offer a nice holiday shipping deal for us Canucks, too? Thanks!
Team Hofstadter said this 1408 days ago.
meaningless icon! How about an international shipping deal? There are things I would like to buy but the shipping cost to Canada is as much as the cost of the items.
Passepartout said this 1408 days ago.
meaningless icon! How about an international option? Would buy so much more if shipping was more reasonable! :)
K8Monster90 said this 1408 days ago.
meaningless icon! Please do the same with international shipping!! would love to buy more often and more stuff, but the shipping costs are so expensive!!
purpleturtle said this 1407 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll add in my support for some international shipping relief for Australia. Even when you put things on half price, the shipping costs more than the full price item. Is it just me or does it appear that Timmy doesn't want to thinks of non-US geeks?
screamapilla said this 1406 days ago.
meaningless icon! if the previous system was by weight i think itd be best to have that option as well as the flat rate as i ordered a 2 dollar thing that was pretty light yet shipping still was 7 dollars... if it was by weight shipping would most likely be half that at least for the light product i ordered...
CyberneticWhale said this 1390 days ago.

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