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Join in. #GeekOut!

Happy 15th anniversabirthday to us!

Happy 15th anniversabirthday to us!

ThinkGeek's 15th Anniversary Epic Tee

1999. It's hard to believe we started all this craziness back in 1999. Back then, ThinkGeek was some folks running an ISP with a pile of t-shirts and an idea. And now? Less ISP. More t-shirts. Many, many more.


Without you, our awesome, geeky, passionate customers, ThinkGeek would not be possible. It is because of you that we exist. It is because of you that we come to work every day. It is because of you that we get to be full-time geeks. Thank YOU for that!

So today, we celebrate the geek in all of us!

What are you geeking out about right NOW?

Let us know! Tell us what your biggest passion is at the moment by tweeting using the hashtag #GeekOut and mention us @thinkgeek to be entered to win a mystery prize pack of EPIC proportions (seriously, you want this). Or, feel free to enter via the form below!

Your fellow geeks from San Diego Comic-Con will help get ya started:

And juuust in case you aren't familiar with the term, we asked our TG monkeys to explain "geek out" in their own words, and here's what they had to say:

Join in. Geek out.
  • Finding a kindred spirit and having an enthusiastic conversation with them. Sharing a moment with complete strangers doing something you love.

  • Being overly passionate about something.

  • Thoroughly enjoying something without any reservations or fear that someone will judge you. And not caring if they do.

  • Being super excited about something, to the point of being considered passionate about it.

  • To "geek out" is to have an overwhelming excitement for something that you love or have dedicated yourself to. It could be a tv series, a comic book, even some people "geek out" over cars or sports.

  • Anytime you have an uncontrollable amount of passion that it makes you wanna implode on yourself. But, instead of doing that you vomit up all of Geeklove in your brain in one split second. Only other geeks will be able to decode and appreciate your babble.

  • Super excited about something and wanting share that excitement with others.

  • Geek out to me means being totally into something you care about and don't care if anyone else is into to it or not... giving it your all no matter how you look doing it!

  • When you "geek out" you go into a state of reverie about something where the world around you fades away and all that's left is your passion for this one thing, whatever that is.

  • An uncontrollable excitement that is rarely paralleled and extremely difficult to explain. The topic that cause this reaction often harkens back to childhood.

  • It's being passionate about an interest, so passionate that when you find someone else who feels the same... it's all you'll talk about, rave over and go "THAT WAS AWESOME!

So, go forth! Tell us what you geek out about!

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meaningless icon! I am a consistent lover of Doctor Who (particularly the 10th... XF) Kingdom Hearts, Kirby, and almost anything anime....well not even that but I no longer feel like typing :D
Mizuki Sakurasora said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sci-Fi and singing. And singing about sci-fi. (Spot all the Think Geek props!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvs2cD0iyBU
Caffeinebert said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! @thinkgeek my wife and I are simple over the moon and under the hill for Hobbits right now! #GeekOut
Vespers said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I always #GEEKOUT! About Warhammer 40000. Diving into the world with the warp charged orks, demons of the chaos gods or the tainted space marines that follow them. Nurgle ftw. The world is just so in depth.
Victor_4k said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Too bad I don't have a Twitter account.
LtPowers said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! What do I geek out about? What gets me excited, makes me squeal uncontrollably? That would have to be DOCTOR WHO. My favorite show. Adventures through all of time and space! Epic battles! Stories that make you laugh and cry! Characters that change your life! I LOVE IT! :-D #WhovianForever #GeekOut
a.space.cadet said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Video Games, I play with me brothers and it gets intense if we are playing a sports game or shooters. Big time fights erupt over who wins or "screen looking". But I "geek out" when i get new comic books (Massive DC fan) but the rest of my family want to read them. But when they do they rip a page!!!!!
MayMayG said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I have tweeted, and pray to the time space continuum to win aha
SkyGinger said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! :D
SkyGinger said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Robots!
Rhine said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I geek out over Video Games and Comic Books. I collect comics and I get anything Batman or Robin related! #GeekOut
MayMayG said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I geek out over theatre life. Backstage is my second home. Costume shop, techies, prop rooms, just everything about it. I know when I head backstage, I'm totally safe and accepted, surrounded by people who totally understand. 
darthsydious said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I geek out over Valve. And Tetris. And the 80's and 90's. And Douglas Adams. For one Team Fortress 2 and Portal (I DON"T WANT YOUR DAMN LEMONS) are freaking masterpieces alongside Tetris. But holy crap I hate how Tetris has been changed by EA! Freaking $1.99 A MONTH on basic phones? And don't even get me started on the remix of my favorite Russian folk song (still got Tetris Blitz on my Kindle though... I can't stay away!). I wish I'd been around for the original Tetris. In the 80's. I want a NES and a SNES soooooo bad but all the classic cartridges are like $2000! Sad to say the only "classic" game I've played is E.T. Pitiful. I do have a classic copy of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective agency though. I feel like it's one of Adam's overlooked titles. The ghost, the cat, the time-travel (saw my first episode of Doctor Who just before I started this book so I couldn't get the TARDIS outta my mind's eye), the HORSE! I love that horse. Anyway, that's how I #GeekOut. Going to check my shipment status now, I NEED that 15th anniversary tee!
The Rocket Goat said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Geeking out to me is picking up on references in series or movies to other series or movies, especially the ones that are sneakily written into the script. #GEEKOUT
kimoni said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! Seeing people in their natural habitat with a geeky tshirt or any other subtle geekery. It makes me feel connected to strangers instantly. #GEEKOUT
kimoni said this 1346 days ago.
meaningless icon! I take great pride in knowing more about George A. Romero (my favorite director) than all of my friends. The second time we met him, we got to hang out and drink with him for a few hours. I was the only one who knew that he played a security guard in Silence of the Lambs.
ghoulie said this 1345 days ago.
meaningless icon! Music. Without question, music. I have so many things in my personal geek column, be it video games, superheroes, sci-fi, movies, et al - but get me started on music, and I will start spewing historical data as if my name were Bob Wikipedia (which it isn't, just in case anyone was wondering). Not saying I won't strap a Superman cape around my neck while wearing a Darth Vader voice changer helmet while immersing myself in audio...
vec2017 said this 1345 days ago.
meaningless icon! I've geeked out so hard about Star Wars, that I named my first born son Lucas. No lie.
Cruzennavy said this 1345 days ago.
meaningless icon! Since I was a kid, I've geeked out so hard about Star Wars. I even named my first born son Lucas. No lie.
Cruzennavy said this 1345 days ago.
meaningless icon! @Thinkgeek Its hard to pick just one out of all the things I #geekout about right this moment. Naruto movie is in the making, Hobbit movie, SAO game and Hyrule Warrior is coming out, Im getting into an uncontrollable habit of collecting AOT key/phone charms. Sailor Moon got rebooted, anything DW is awesome (we bought the 11th dr screwdriver here). Between my husband and I, we cover almost every genre of comic books, shows, games, and other hobbies.
MeloVlog said this 1345 days ago.
meaningless icon! I guess it means studies of the psychological impact of cartoons and the characters, reading instruction books on manga art, watching "The Big Bang Theory with my parents as tradition states, watching Japanese superhero shows and their American counterparts, watching anime and, as a girl geek, dreaming of Dr. Bill Nye.
RainbowScion said this 1344 days ago.
meaningless icon! I #GeekOut all the time! Currently I have a procrastination level of web design, including product reviews (of Think Geek products of course!)
Jessay25 said this 1338 days ago.
meaningless icon! I #GeekOut over most gadgets and toys to my favorite catagories! Whether it be Marvel, Big Bang Theory, Star Trek, and plenty more! I frequently check out @thinkgeek for new gadgets, toys, and collectables!!
jluciano67 said this 1337 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm an avid reader and I regularly interact with my favorite authors on Twitter. And I get SO EXCITED about getting a new book from them that I regularly threaten to duct tape them to their chairs until they produce. Gimme gimme all the reads!
dptalia said this 1337 days ago.

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