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Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Whimsy is ready for Work Day duty

Captain Whimsy is ready for work!

Some of y'all who are old enough to remember coveting the Atari 2600 will recollect the transition from Arbor Day to Earth Day and then the "Earth Day Every Day" movement. We thought we'd take a parallel approach with our "day" of choice: Take Your Dog to Work Day.

Here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ we think every day should be Take Your Dog to Work Day. From the beginning, we've believed in animals in the workplace (founding dogs Cisco and 5:30). For many of us, it was one of the deciding factors in why we came to work for ThinkGeek. It's so relaxing having a four-legged companion to hang out with.

The dogs of ThinkGeek

We've had our share of dogs, and even the occasional cat. Hard day? Snuggle with a pet. They put everything in perspective.

Ready to turn your office into a pet-friendly environment while still keeping it work-friendly? Some tips we've learned over the years:

  • Respect the allergies! The most important thing about your office is that people can work there. Create a pet-free area around those who have allergies, and mark it well. Our awesome HR set us up with signs that read "DFZ: Dog-Free Zone." We also have a section in our employee handbook that sets out some basic guidelines for everyone to follow.
  • Make sure your landlord is okay with it. It seems obvious, we know. From searching for a new building for our World Domination HQ, we can tell you it isn't always. Establish boundaries. Each animal needs its space, and humans do, too. Equip cubicles with pets with baby gates and close the door on pets fortunate enough to have an office. That way there's less fur underfoot.
  • Work when it's time to work, and play when it's time to play. Wednesday during the board meeting may not be the best time to have a play session. But late Friday afternoons we frequently had cardboard-tearing up sessions with Harley, our office pitbull for years.

Is your office pet-friendly? Share your story below!

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meaningless icon! I work at a University. Sometimes, students will bring their dogs in, especially around the end of the term when there is a lot of down time. They always make sure to bring them in to my office first so I can get my puppy kisses. A couple of coworkers have brought their dogs in before as well. One has an older dog that was needing medication on a schedule-so she brought her in. She let me dogsit and walk her and stuff. It was the best!
KerriNoir said this 1800 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow
Yramevol said this 1800 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wow - this is awesome. I'm very lucky. I am a telecommuter which means my office is my home. My Star dog hangs with me almost all the time and you're right, there nothing like a hug from the pup to put the world back into perspective. On occasion, like when I'm hosting a large conference call, I'll give her with my roomies just to keep things cool. Thanks for a great article and love those photos, especially the trekkie pups.
Alena1960 said this 1798 days ago.
meaningless icon! I adore having my dogs under foot all day. It's one of the best benefits of having your office exclusively at home. My clients love them, and the dog hair is a free parting gift for them. After seeing Capt. Whimsey, I immediately ordered a Captains Chair for Tiberius, my Golden Retriever, and if it's too small for him, I am sure that our Corgi, Jedi, will love it. What am I saying?? I am sure Jedi will immediately claim it.
Elise Groves said this 1795 days ago.
meaningless icon! That dog bed is pretty cool!
nkl93 said this 1790 days ago.

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