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Congratulations, RIT! You are our Geekiest Campus!

Timmy & Geek Trivia Night

Welcome to RIT Geek Trivia Night! Timmy will be your host for tonight.

Prove your school's geek mettle & claim the title of
Geekiest Campus!

Huzzah! The Geekiest Campus has been chosen!

This year, for the first time ever, we conducted a national search for the Geekiest Campus. We were looking for the school whose students proudly proclaimed themselves to be geeks and then proved it throughout the academic year. With over hundreds of schools participating, we are proud to announce that the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is ThinkGeek's Geekiest Campus! Praise, swag, and a TG hosted trivia night were heaped upon them for their victory.

RIT students pulled through by submitting the most entries that proved their geek mettle, and one entry stood out above the rest: Congratulations to Ben S. for his winning entry! Check it out below:

RIT winning entry!

"Honestly, I'm surprised that you're even having a contest for this, ThinkGeek. RIT is hands down the nerdiest school in America, if not the world. Even for our size, nerd culture is so deeply ingrained within our university that our old mascot was the Techman, an engineer with a ruler. Intimidating, right? While our mascot has changed over the years, our passion for all things nerdy remains. No single community or organization on campus makes defines us as nerdy, rather, we are a sum greater than our individual parts. To name a few examples, we have one of the largest Humans vs. Zombies (a campus wide nerf battle for survivial) games in the U.S. (a campus wide nerf battle for survivial), with almost 800 students participating in the fall. Our most popular clubs include quidditch, juggling, and the electronic gaming society, each with a massive following of dedicated members. When it comes to expressing our geekiness on an academic front, each spring we host Imagine RIT, an awesome festival that allows the community to get involved our students coolest projects! Without a doubt, RIT is the geekiest campus, so come hang out with us!" - Ben S.

He helped his school earn the title of Geekiest Campus, a $250 gift certificate, and a trivia night along with it! On Thursday, May 8, we traveled to the RIT campus in Rochester, NY to host one of the most epic trivia nights yet.

Timmy & Geek Trivia Night

After a feast of pizza & soda ordered by Timmy, these 150 RIT students are ready for Geek Trivia!

It was crunch time before finals, and we wanted to give 150 RIT students the chance to relax and challenge their minds in a different manner--with geek trivia, of course! These 21 teams gave it their all and did not fail to impress. They made our difficult question round look like a piece of cake! (Mmm, cake.) When it came down to the final Jeopardy wager round, the team that came out in the lead was L2P--a team made of a random group of students who did not know each other, but banded together to participate in trivia and WIN! Each member went home with Portal 2 Messenger Bags & a $75 gift certificate. A job well done to all of the teams! (And good luck with your finals!)

However, it's not over yet.

We still have a runner-up to choose, and we leave it in your hands. We've narrowed it down to two schools: Will it be the Colorado School of Mines or Michigan Technological University? Vote now to choose who will be our runner-up! One random voter will receive a $50 gift certificate, while the student who submitted their school's entry will receive a $50 certificate plus ThinkGeek loot.

We hope to host this contest annually, so perhaps next year your school will claim the title?

P.S. Dear RIT Students: "Billy the Kid," was the right answer. The question was who was the first character they actually picked up (Napoleon is knocked into the wake by the explosion & dragged along!). That is all. We'll let this slide this time, though!

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meaningless icon! So--being the proud mother of an RIT Geekiest Campus student, I am wondering when the t-shirts are going to be available for sale?!?
RITmom1970 said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congratulations, RIT! Well deserved. Our future needs more nerds about. Best wishes making our world a better place with your cleverness and innovation.
annaroboticsmom said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! We still contest that Napoleon is the correct answer to that question. Napoleon was definitely "picked up" first. anyways, the whole trivia competition was MOST EXCELLENT. *air guitar*
bbrittain said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! My son goes to RIT, although he was co-oping this semester, and he would agree. He calls in Nerd College. Thanks Think Geek!!
njak said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! super proud of my alma mater!
methionine said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! SO proud of my alma mater right now... *sniff* Class of '96! ;) (and former Communications Officer of the RIT Science Fiction Association - call me Secretary, and I'll rip your lips off. ;) )
Suebee42 said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! I got a geek going there. I was trying to be polite and then blurted out RIT was a nerd school--apologized to my son--he said it's okay mom it's a nerd school.
linderella said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! As an alumnus, I'm glad to see what was true 40 years ago is still true today. Well done. And, I'm with RITmom… It's not official without the t-shirt.
LightsAlive said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! So so proud of my alma mater! Way to be, RIT!
Cabey said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! Being the proud parents of two RIT students, we think GEEKS RULE! (We'd also like there to be t-shirts.)
HTDucc said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! As a former RIT student I can say I am absolutely not surprised.
GaidinBDJ said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! e^x dx/dy. Secant, cosine, tangent, sine. 3.14159: Pi. I times 3. Lets go, lets go, RIT!
Marypretends81 said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! As a proud mom of an RIT graduate, I just want to ask, will there be Tshirts?
mcase1013 said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! when i found out about this it took 3 days of convincing for me to understand that there are those who didnt think we were the geekiest
parc said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! I am an alumni, and I remember walking home, on the quarter mile, super late at night after working late in the studios on a Friday night (photo major) and unlike other campuses that would have drunk teenagers passed out along the way, I'd see people LARPing. A VERY different school experience.
Stilllifephotog said this 1861 days ago.
meaningless icon! Another proud mom of an RIT student. Congratulations to being the Geekiest!!! My son fits right in and loves it!
rooyeah said this 1860 days ago.
meaningless icon! My son is a freshman at RIT and my husband refers to it as "Nerdvana"...amazingly creative and bright students everywhere! He has many items from thinkgeek.com in his dorm room!! Congrats RIT!
NSB said this 1860 days ago.
meaningless icon! Proud Mother of a soon to be (2 days) RIT graduate who purchases almost all of his shirts from Think Geek...He is a Geek and proud of it!
Cloud37 said this 1858 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congrats RIT, my younger brother and I are proud alum across 3 decades!
79Alum said this 1857 days ago.
meaningless icon! As an alumni and parent of two graduates (and one that just couldn't get enough and is in the graduate program) I say there was never any question about being the geekiest campus. (and t-shirts are a requirement to make it offical)
jimmy77 said this 1854 days ago.
meaningless icon! As an RIT Alum, I can definitely say the school, professors, students and alum have worked hard enough throughout the years to deserve this honor! Bring on the t-shirts & coffee mugs - I'll be first in line.
ritAlum42 said this 1748 days ago.

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