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May 2014 Archives

It all makes sense now.

These most definitely *are* the macarons you're looking for.

In case you've been hiding under a rock these past few weeks, here are the latest links from the Internets!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

An unexpected

Risk board carved into a coffee table. Have a drink & conquer the world! (Imgur)

An unexpected friendship. (Depressed Alien)

Captain Patch-It: A superhero among cosplayers. (Tumblr)

LeVar Burton launched a campaign to resurrect Reading Rainbow & it's been funded. HUZZAH! (Kickstarter)

Hey, local-to-us-geeks! The TG HQ blood drive is on 6/5 & we invite you to come donate! Snacks & freebies included. (ThinkGeek)

He can make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs but only at 2 a.m. (Procatinator)

Best coffee house sign evar. (Instagram)

The fairest bounty hunter of them all. Boba Fett ball gown cosplay. (Instagram)

Whee! Do want. The
SlideRider converts stairs into a

Whee! Do want. The SlideRider converts stairs into a slide. (Incredible Things)

Grumpy Khaleesi: I will answer injustice with NO. (VK)

Spot the difference! A dragon vs. George R. R. Martin. (Cheezburger)

HR Giger: So long and thanks for all the nightmares. We will miss you and celebrate the creations you've left behind. (Kotaku)

Mmm, virtual food. How gamers eat their food. (YouTube)

Superpowers not included. Superhero beer designs by Marcelo Rizzetto. (Behance)

WANT. The Bibliochaise -- a chair that can hold up to 300 books (Nobody and Co.)

BREAKING CAT NEWS. (Breaking Cat News)

Superpowers not included. Superhero beer designs
by Marcelo Rizzetto.

SPACESHIP! Time-lapse of a 7-foot long LEGO Serenity being built. (YouTube)

Well, that's enough of the Internet for today. (Imgur)

Mmm, we'd sort this hat any day. Sorting Hat caramels. (Flickr)

Hamster eating a tiny burrito. 'Nuff said. (YouTube)

Unlock the door to time & space! The Evolution of the TARDIS Key. (DeviantArt)

These most definitely *are* the macarons you're looking for. (Semi Sweet Designs)

Yep. Every RPG ever. (Imgur)

There's always someone like this in a group project... (Nerd Approved)

Some assembly required. (Noitego Comics)

Timmy & Geek Trivia Night

Welcome to RIT Geek Trivia Night! Timmy will be your host for tonight.

Prove your school's geek mettle & claim the title of
Geekiest Campus!

Huzzah! The Geekiest Campus has been chosen!

This year, for the first time ever, we conducted a national search for the Geekiest Campus. We were looking for the school whose students proudly proclaimed themselves to be geeks and then proved it throughout the academic year. With over hundreds of schools participating, we are proud to announce that the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is ThinkGeek's Geekiest Campus! Praise, swag, and a TG hosted trivia night were heaped upon them for their victory.

RIT students pulled through by submitting the most entries that proved their geek mettle, and one entry stood out above the rest: Congratulations to Ben S. for his winning entry! Check it out below:

RIT winning entry!

"Honestly, I'm surprised that you're even having a contest for this, ThinkGeek. RIT is hands down the nerdiest school in America, if not the world. Even for our size, nerd culture is so deeply ingrained within our university that our old mascot was the Techman, an engineer with a ruler. Intimidating, right? While our mascot has changed over the years, our passion for all things nerdy remains. No single community or organization on campus makes defines us as nerdy, rather, we are a sum greater than our individual parts. To name a few examples, we have one of the largest Humans vs. Zombies (a campus wide nerf battle for survivial) games in the U.S. (a campus wide nerf battle for survivial), with almost 800 students participating in the fall. Our most popular clubs include quidditch, juggling, and the electronic gaming society, each with a massive following of dedicated members. When it comes to expressing our geekiness on an academic front, each spring we host Imagine RIT, an awesome festival that allows the community to get involved our students coolest projects! Without a doubt, RIT is the geekiest campus, so come hang out with us!" - Ben S.

He helped his school earn the title of Geekiest Campus, a $250 gift certificate, and a trivia night along with it! On Thursday, May 8, we traveled to the RIT campus in Rochester, NY to host one of the most epic trivia nights yet.

Timmy & Geek Trivia Night

After a feast of pizza & soda ordered by Timmy, these 150 RIT students are ready for Geek Trivia!

It was crunch time before finals, and we wanted to give 150 RIT students the chance to relax and challenge their minds in a different manner--with geek trivia, of course! These 21 teams gave it their all and did not fail to impress. They made our difficult question round look like a piece of cake! (Mmm, cake.) When it came down to the final Jeopardy wager round, the team that came out in the lead was L2P--a team made of a random group of students who did not know each other, but banded together to participate in trivia and WIN! Each member went home with Portal 2 Messenger Bags & a $75 gift certificate. A job well done to all of the teams! (And good luck with your finals!)

However, it's not over yet.

We still have a runner-up to choose, and we leave it in your hands. We've narrowed it down to two schools: Will it be the Colorado School of Mines or Michigan Technological University? Vote now to choose who will be our runner-up! One random voter will receive a $50 gift certificate, while the student who submitted their school's entry will receive a $50 certificate plus ThinkGeek loot.

We hope to host this contest annually, so perhaps next year your school will claim the title?

P.S. Dear RIT Students: "Billy the Kid," was the right answer. The question was who was the first character they actually picked up (Napoleon is knocked into the wake by the explosion & dragged along!). That is all. We'll let this slide this time, though!

Vampire Timmy thirsts for blood.

Vampire Timmy is still thirsty.

We're hosting a blood drive (again)!

Inova Blood Donor Services

Our previously planned blood drive got snowed out, but Vampire Timmy did not give up! The ThinkGeek blood drive has been rescheduled to Thursday, June 5 from 10am to 2pm. The Bloodmobile will be outside our HQ and ready to draw your blood! (Timmy's vampire monkey army is quite pleased.)

So again, we invite our local-to-us geeks to please come out & donate blood! The drive will be conducted by Inova Blood Donor Services, who will use your donations to help save lives. There will be snacks & freebies handed out to our donating heroes as well!

Only those who schedule an appointment will be eligible to donate, so please send an email to Timmy's minions with your name & desired time slot. Thank you!

ThinkGeek HQ Address:
11216 Waples Mill Road
Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030