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YES! The Game of Thrones season premiere is almost here!

ThinkGeek loves Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere is coming.

The monkeys in the office are going bananas! (Yes, we said it. B-a-n-a-n-a-s.) Timmy's got his Jon Snow outfit on & everything. After the long wait, we can finally delve back into the lands of Westeros!

Here's what our monkeys are most looking forward to:

  • "'The next wedding.' Book readers will get it, but I think it is vague enough for those that don't." -- Kochis, Merchant Monkey
  • "MOAR DRAGONS! But seriously, I am really excited to see Daenerys continue to be a warrior princess and kick more butt. And who doesn't love Tyrion's fantastic one-liners?" -- Elizabeth, Email Monkey
  • "Hodor!" -- Midgley, Graphic Design Monkey
  • "I'm most looking forward to the part where *REDACTED* wakes up and sees *REDACTED* and realizes that it was all a *REDACTED*. Also, the part when *REDACTED* takes that enormous *REDACTED* and *REDACTED* right into *REDACTED* and twists and *REDACTED* it until *REDACTED* *REDACTED* *REDACTED* *REDACTED*."-- Harrison, Geek Labs Monkey
  • Daenerys & one of her dragons
  • "More weddings." -- Veton, Operations Monkey
  • "Looking forward to Arya's continued journey now that there is nowhere safe for a Stark to hide. Wondering how much bigger the dragons will get this season and if they will be any more useful. Hoping Bran digs into his Warg side a lot more, and fast. Only so long you can expect him to survive north of the wall. Jon. Jonjonjon. WTH? Where does he even go from there? Hope Lady Margaery stabs Joffrey through the eye on their wedding night. Or Vasarys poisons him with something painful. Whichever. Better than he deserves." -- Fred, Engineering Monkey
  • "Who dies next!" -- Andrea, Accounting Monkey
  • "Remember the Red Wedding? Next seasons is supposed to have the White Wedding episode with Jaime shouting at Cersei, 'Hey little sister what have you done? Hey little sister who's the only one?'" -- Michael C., Code Monkey
  • "I need an excuse to make lemon cakes and drink a goblet of wine." -- Kristy, Graphic Design Monkey
  • "What is always so interesting about Game of Thrones are the characters. It's a revolving door of new characters and old. It's exciting to watch as each of their story lines get closer and closer together. It's like that old word problem, "' train leaves Westeros at a speed of 100 mph and another leaves Dorne going 70 mph. When will they meet?'" -- Alicia, Geek Labs Monkey
  • "I can't wait to see how cool the dragons have gotten... and how badass!!" -- Connie, Office Monkey

As you can see, all we've got on our minds are dragons and weddings.

What are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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meaningless icon! I'm curious as to how Tyrion & Sansa deal with their situation. ಠ_ಠ
cheribom said this 1630 days ago.

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