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ThinkGeek's cheaper shipping to Northern Europe & MORE!

A wall of loot!

Dear geeks of Northern Europe, Spain, Portugal, & New Zealand: We have good news!

It started with our Canadian friends, then our Australian, UK, and German geeks were invited to the party. Now, this party just got a whole lot bigger!

Our palletmonkey Michelle has been working *really* hard, and economy shipping is now available to:


  • The Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Spain, and New Zealand

YAY! We're going to have to get a bigger room for this party. (Which country wants to host?!)

Here are the shiny details:

  • Economy shipping is only available on small orders under $100 for light things 4lbs (1.8 kilograms) or less, so you can't use it to ship a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag on the cheap.
  • You can, however, order up a bunch of shirts and annoy-a-trons like you've always wanted.
  • There will be no tracking on these economically-shipped orders, so their arrival dates will be a happy surprise.
  • Your package will be delivered via your country's local post, and we've heard that it's extremely convenient when compared to other methods.
  • It's quite slow, but a LOT cheaper.

It took us awhile, but the basic message that we want to get across: We hear you. We know that international shipping was painful and that's why we're offering this economy option. We hope to continue expanding the list of countries we can ship to via this method!

Enjoy your cheaply-shipped loot and let us know what you think! If you have questions, we'll try to find the answers for you.

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meaningless icon! Why is Denmark always getting ignored? I want LEGO slippers! My country invented LEGO, dammit! :P
Siriana said this 1589 days ago.
meaningless icon! Nice but come on… when are you going to give the same choice to French customers??
Nodachi said this 1589 days ago.
meaningless icon! Cheap shipping to Switzerland? o.O woohoo
cheese bandit said this 1589 days ago.
meaningless icon! Great news ! Last time I ordered, I also had to pay huge custom fees, will it still be the case ?
Gizmo.ben said this 1588 days ago.
meaningless icon! at least here in oz in pretty dang cheap for shipping "aussie aussie aussie OI! OI! OI!"
mafia12656 said this 1588 days ago.
meaningless icon! I can't belive that the delivery for Switzerland nor New Zealand are cheaper than Italy.........
lorebasco said this 1504 days ago.
meaningless icon! It will be so nice if we could enjoy cheaply-shipped loot in France too !!!
Maeliaoutfromspace said this 1359 days ago.
meaningless icon! Yeah France also please ! There's a lot of Geeks here too !
Aknishtha said this 1343 days ago.

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