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*Beepbeepbeep* Outta the way! Links coming at ya!

Dreams do come true!

Dreams *do* come true!

Happy Friday! Do you *really* want to be working on those TPS Reports? Didn't think so. Here are some of the latest links to get you through to the weekend!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

Video of Benedict Cumberbatch's Oscars photobomb set to Jaws music. Yes, you needed to see this. (YouTube)

Celebrate Neurodiversity! Until the end of April, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go to ASAN. (ThinkGeek)

Mmm, the Dark Side.

GIF of the Day: Batman can fly! (Dorkly)

Snail teapot cozies? Snail teapot cozies. (Makezine)

BBC America announces real history of science fiction series with a nerdy start-studded lineup! (Nerd Approved)

Adorable mixed-bread dog. (Imgur)

" Teleporter" web page starts you off in the TARDIS' control room & if you click the teleport button, it takes you to a random place in the world. (Vispo)

Jedi entrance only (Imgur)

5-year-old forges parent's signature. Nailed it. (Imgur)

We like our coffee how we like our Death Stars... (Tumblr)

Does not having an ear leave a bad post-impression? Vincent Le'gogh. (Deviant Art)

THE ANCIENT ONE RISES! Stumpthulhu. (Imgur)

A letter from a 5th grader to her 20-year-old self. Tacos are important. (Imgur)

The TARDIS ring: Forever spinning through time & space (Facebook)

The TARDIS ring: Forever spinning through time & space.


Using the Force to spruce up a 15 year old mixer. (The Kim Six Fix)

Old school vs. New! Stan Lee shows he's still the man in charge when Thor & the Hulk try to duke it out. (Facebook)

Keep all your timey-wimey devices safe! The Time Lord tool box. (The RPF)

Another world, another cake... in the Age of Wonder. Magical Dark Crystal cake! (Facebook)

The Static is strong with this one. (Lunar Baboon)

Your book just got Cumberbombed. (Tumblr)

D'aww, young Whovian is worried she can no longer join in on the new Doctor's adventures, but Capaldi reassures her. <3 (Nerd Approved)

Oh noes! LEGO Batman's true identity revealed. (Pictures in Boxes)

How to turn off the light when you're feeling lazy. (Imgur)

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