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March 2014 Archives

This *is* the rocker you're looking for.

This *is* the rocker you're looking for.

Don't panic! We've got a healthy dose of links for you right here.

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

Patrolling the Internets & correcting the misuse of homophones. The Diction-fairy! (Tumblr)

Patrolling the Internets & correcting the misuse of homophones. The

Daily affirmations with Skeletor (Tumblr)

Warnog, the official Klingon beer. (The Guardian)

In case you were in need of a reminder, gaming is good for you (Liberty Games)

Well, the trailer for the TMNT movie is out now. (YouTube)

Teacher uses Game of Thrones spoilers to keep his students quiet: If there is too much noise, he will write the names of the dead on the board (The Mary Sue)

Matt Smith's mom tweeted the most adorable pic (Twitter)

Behold! The mythical unipup. Crocheted unicorn mask for dogs (Flickr)

Geek Parenting is best parenting (LunarBaboon)

April 5 is International TableTop Day! Come celebrate with us @ Victory Comics. (ThinkGeek)

DIY "Head in a Jar" prank for April Fools (Instructables)

Like a boss. Cosplayer Mica turned his wheelchair into the Iron Throne & placed boots around his knees to be Tyrion Lannister (Twitter)

Like a boss. Cosplayer Mica turned his
wheelchair into the Iron Throne & placed boots around his knees
to be Tyrion Lannister

So . Excited. X-Men: Days of Future Past official trailer #2! (YouTube)

Mmm, unicookies! (Flickr)

So many memories! Fantastic 43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup by Ensemble ACJW (YouTube)

Star Wars Light Up Chop Sabers: An elegant utensil for a more civilized age. (ThinkGeek)

Are you coordinated enough? Stairs that also serve as shelves and a desk (My Modern Met)

Making the most of a bad situation. (That's Nerdalicious)

Such a spellbinding cake! Harry Potter Cake by The Royal Bakery. (Between the Pages)

Do you love LEGO? Are you a wizard at building crazy unique @LEGO_Group creations? We're hiring a LEGO builder (ThinkGeek)

Victory Comics

Are you ready to get your tabletop gaming on at Victory Comics?!

The 2nd annual International TableTop Day is coming!

International TableTop Day!

Geek & Sundry has decreed Saturday, April 5 as this year's International TableTop Day; a day to go out to your local game store, community center, or even just host your own event at home and play more games! By playing tabletop games, we're given the opportunity to get together with our friends and family and spend more time with each other. Who would pass that up?

We're only more than happy to oblige, so in celebration of this momentous day, come out to Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA for some friendly competition & fun times with your friends, family, and fellow geeks! They've got an assortment of tabletop games ready for you to enjoy. (Or you can bring your own!)

The Rundown:
  • TableTop Day will take place at Victory Comics in Falls Church, VA from 10am to 9pm. (Or so their store hours say, they actually kept gaming until 11:30pm last year! Come out & help them beat their record!)
  • There will be a small ThinkGeek away team in attendance from 1pm to 4pm with some goodies in haul as well!
  • If you're unable to make it out to Victory Comics (sadface!), you can find more places to game at on the TableTop Day website.

Bring a friend & get your game on!

Geek Trivia Night

So many geeky brains in one room! <3

We're making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

Despite some snow challenges & rescheduling, our fourth Geek Trivia night was EPIC! This is also marked our Geek Trivia Night one year anniversary, and you chuckleheads managed to make it one of the best nights evar.

There were plenty of old & new faces, and everybody brought their A-game. 

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

There was no "Best Dressed" category, but the Suddenly Cylons were definitely in the running for it! Bow ties are cool.

After a year of hosting these, we were a bit nervous and had to wonder, "Will this be as good as the last?" The answer: YES. The difficulty of questions was increased this time (or so we think... seriously, though, challenging a room full of geeks is tough!) with question rounds such as the "Name that sidekick" and an audio round where you had to name the movie based on the theme song... played on the ukulele. But some of you stepped up to the plate and really delivered. For the rest, we know we definitely had your brains churning! Mwahaha. Mission accomplished. We're a bit disappointed that no one got to wear the dunce cap AKA chicken head mask. Even though we egged you on. You know who you are.

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

The prizes & feared Chicken Head of Doom.

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

The Council of Elders were the judges for the night. They decide your fate!

With Pi Day so near, we had to celebrate with pie of course. Our volunteer monkeys created beautiful pies just for the occasion. The contestants might not have had the chance to appreciate their masterpieces, but sure looks like they enjoyed it!

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

Mmm, pie. Secret: It's just graham crackers, cherry pie filling, & whip cream.

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!


ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

The winning pie-eating contestant from the team Mind Palace! That's a look of joy & happiness, we're sure.

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

Still trying to finish the pie even after the winner was announced. The pie was *that* good.

By the end of the night, the scores were all very close; it could be anybody's game. The final wager round would decide everything. Being ever so generous, we let the teams choose their fate: Do they want the "Easy" or "Hard" question? You all made us proud when there was a hearty cheer for "Hard!" Steve the MC may have even shed a tear.

If you were there, you might remember that not a single team got it right that night. The question: What was the first toy the LEGO company ever produced?*

As we watched several teams' scores drop to 0, there were a few teams remaining. They had wagered well! (With one team betting 0 points... you know who you are.) The final results were: The Away Team in first, League of Evil Exes in second, and Mind Palace in third. Congratulations to our winning teams!

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

The final scores!

ThinkGeek's Geek Trivia Night!

First Place Winners: The Away Team! They each won $75 gift certificates & R2-D2 USB Car Chargers. Second place won $35 gift certificates & Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise D Pizza Cutters. And third place won $25 gift certificates each. Congratulations again!

Thank you to all our attendees for making Geek Trivia Night a wonderful time! We had so much fun and hope to do it again soon. Thank you to Steve the MC and all the TG staff volunteers as well. We couldn't have done it without you! If you have any comments or feedback, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

*Answer: A wooden toy duck.

Dreams do come true!

Dreams *do* come true!

Happy Friday! Do you *really* want to be working on those TPS Reports? Didn't think so. Here are some of the latest links to get you through to the weekend!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

Video of Benedict Cumberbatch's Oscars photobomb set to Jaws music. Yes, you needed to see this. (YouTube)

Celebrate Neurodiversity! Until the end of April, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt go to ASAN. (ThinkGeek)

Mmm, the Dark Side.

GIF of the Day: Batman can fly! (Dorkly)

Snail teapot cozies? Snail teapot cozies. (Makezine)

BBC America announces real history of science fiction series with a nerdy start-studded lineup! (Nerd Approved)

Adorable mixed-bread dog. (Imgur)

" Teleporter" web page starts you off in the TARDIS' control room & if you click the teleport button, it takes you to a random place in the world. (Vispo)

Jedi entrance only (Imgur)

5-year-old forges parent's signature. Nailed it. (Imgur)

We like our coffee how we like our Death Stars... (Tumblr)

Does not having an ear leave a bad post-impression? Vincent Le'gogh. (Deviant Art)

THE ANCIENT ONE RISES! Stumpthulhu. (Imgur)

A letter from a 5th grader to her 20-year-old self. Tacos are important. (Imgur)

The TARDIS ring: Forever spinning through time & space (Facebook)

The TARDIS ring: Forever spinning through time & space.


Using the Force to spruce up a 15 year old mixer. (The Kim Six Fix)

Old school vs. New! Stan Lee shows he's still the man in charge when Thor & the Hulk try to duke it out. (Facebook)

Keep all your timey-wimey devices safe! The Time Lord tool box. (The RPF)

Another world, another cake... in the Age of Wonder. Magical Dark Crystal cake! (Facebook)

The Static is strong with this one. (Lunar Baboon)

Your book just got Cumberbombed. (Tumblr)

D'aww, young Whovian is worried she can no longer join in on the new Doctor's adventures, but Capaldi reassures her. <3 (Nerd Approved)

Oh noes! LEGO Batman's true identity revealed. (Pictures in Boxes)

How to turn off the light when you're feeling lazy. (Imgur)

Yay, Neurodiversity!

Celebrate neurodiversity!

Autism Acceptance Month fast approaches!

April is almost upon us, which means it's time to celebrate cranial diversity.

We appreciate all the different shapes & sizes your brains come in. They're what make you YOU. So here at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ, we're all about embracing the differences in neurological configurations. Whether you have been diagnosed with autism or are a "neurotypical," you have ADHD, are bipolar, whoever you are, whatever unique configuration of neurons makes you you, we think you're pretty awesome, just the way you are.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Once again, we're teaming up with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network to bring you the Neurodiversity shirt Version 3.0 (also available in Kids' sizes). Until the end of April of 2014, 100% of the proceeds from this shirt (after April $1 a shirt) will be donated to ASAN.

For those not familiar, ASAN is a nonprofit organization run by and for Autistic people. ASAN was created to provide support for people on the Autistic spectrum and to provide a genuinely autistic voice in the world, bringing autistic people to the forefront of community conversation about autism.

Thank you for your brains! All variations of them.


Timmy is READY!


Excuse us, we're having a bit of sugar rush right now as we ate ALL the pie! Our annual pie competition was today and we had a great turnout! Many savory and sweet pies were had. It was a close call, but victors had to be chosen and votes cast. Congratulations to Chelsey for her Peanut Butter Madness Pie & Steve Z for his Chicken & Mushroom Pie! Now, enough with the talking. Feast your eyes upon all ze pie:

Dig in!

Four-layer Sicilian Pepperoni pie. Who ate a slice before Timmy!?

Dig in!

Spaghetti pie!

Dig in!

The winning savory pie! Chicken & Mushroom pie by Steve Z. Mmm.

Dig in!

Our monkey Stephanie did a fantastic job with the piping! Hand cramps galore.

Dig in!

Not sure if we should be afraid of the way Timmy is eyeing this Pumpkin Pecan pie...

Dig in!

Chelsey's winning sweet pie: PEANUT BUTTAH MADNESS!

Dig in!

A contestant is trying to bribe the judges!

Dig in!

Not just any moon pies... *SAILOR* Moon pies!

How did you monkeys spend your Pi Day? Let us know in the comments!

ThinkGeek loves Cosmos


Neil deGrasse Tyson, we could listen to you talk forever. Seriously! We were so excited for the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey that all the monkeys in the office were sporting their Galaxy Leggings.

Okay, maybe not, but WE SHOULD HAVE! Perhaps something can be arranged for this weekend's episode...

Here's just a few of the reasons why we're so excited & what we're looking forward to:

  • "We let our daughter stay up past her bedtime to watch Cosmos. She'd been excited for it ever since I showed her the trailer. My favorite part was watching my daughter's eyes go wide as she grasped just how big time is with the Cosmic Calendar. She very much looking forward to more episodes and we've taken to calling each other "star stuff" in our greetings." -- Harrison, Geek Labs Monkey
  • "My favorite part (ok, most favorite part) was the Cosmic Calendar. I thought it was well done and really made me think. I also think Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the perfect successor to Carl Sagan. You can really tell he is passionate about this project. Especially the little snip it at the end when he was showing Carl Sagan's date book and remembering the time they met." -- Marianne, Accounting Monkey
  • Cosmos screen cap
  • "Favorite moment: When Neil deGrasse Tyson was going through the Cosmic Calendar and described December 17th as 'quite a day'... and then was joined on the shore by a fake Tiktaalik rising from the water to illustrate how life in the sea 'really took off.' Awesome." -- David, Director Monkey
  • "OMG I've been dying to talk Cosmos! My husband and I were able to go to the pre-premiere screening at the National Geographic Society. We ended up in the overflow room, but we were happy with just that. We were so elated to see so many people as excited for the show as we were!

    My most favorite part was definitely when Neil Degrasse talked about his first time meeting Carl Sagan. Some tears may have made a brief appearance. Most excited for more mustache in the coming episodes. I was so desperately hoping for a reaction like Delilah's from my 6 year old son, but instead got some hesitation and whining at first. Then he couldn't stop watching and was asking questions and ended up loving it by the end. It made my night. I want him to love science as much as we do, so that was a great win for us." -- Ela, Paralegal Monkey

D'aww, we are over the moon hearing the number of geeklings just as excited about space. Building a new geek generation FTW!

What's your favorite Cosmos moment so far? Let us know in the comments!

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

Happy 17th Anniversary, Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Our favorite vampire-slaying TV show & Joss Whedon production premiered today in 1997. Ah, good ol' Sunnydale: Come for the food, stay for the dismemberment. To celebrate, our Buffy Rewatch 2k14 begins tonight! Starting off with our favorite episodes, of course. Here are some of the favorites of the monkeys at ThinkGeek World Domination HQ:

Season 4, Episode 4: "Fear, Itself"

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

"'Fear, Itself,' entirely for the "actual size" moment just before the demon appears and Giles crushes him with his shoe."
- Michael C., Code Monkey

Season 2, Episode 1: "When She Was Bad"

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

"My favorite episode of Buffy is the first episode of Season 2. Or at least I'm sure it will be as soon as I watch it. It will be my favorite because then it will mean that I've gotten past Season 1... after years of trying."
- Harrison, Geek Labs Monkey

Season 4, Episode 10: "Hush"

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

"'Hush' episode when the men and the straight-jacket demons were silently going by the window and standing over the bed for the absolute creepiness and when the Scoobies were trying to communicate without words for the Buffyness of it."
- Fred, Engineering Monkey

Season 6, Episode 7: "Once More, with Feeling"

"Because who doesn't love musicals?!"
- Lily, Social Media Monkey

Season 3, Episode 21 & 22: "Graduation Day"

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

"I had a rough time with Buffy at the beginning, mainly because I was so enamored of the kitschy movie version. *hides behind anti-riot shield until the rocks stop* In order to enjoy it, I needed to be able to think of the TV show as a completely different entity. I think I came back to it through adoring Willow and Oz's characters. Probably my favorite episode was Graduation Day (which is cheating since I get two that way), the culmination of their high school experience, which is a turning point in so many ways for the series."
- Regan, Copy Monkey aka Defender of the Oxford Comma

Season 7, Episode 5: "Selfless"

ThinkGeek's Favorite
 Photos from 2013!

"It's kind of impossible to pick a favorite, but I love Anya so I'm going to go with the Anya-centric episode in season 7, "Selfless," for the following moments:

  • The scenes in ancient Scandinavia: Emma Caufield's pre-Anya Aud is pretty genius. Not only do we get to watch all of her familiar quirks manifest as genuine sweetness, but we get to hear some crazy version of Swedish, we finally get a bunnies reference, and we get to read some hilarious subtitles (including a quote from a townsperson along the lines of "attack him with fruit and random meat.")
  • Anya's "Mrs" song: A flashback that's actually a new scene from the also incredible "Once More, with Feeling" episode. So funny, so classic Anya, and so heartbreaking for what we already know will never be.
  • Buffy and Anya's fight scene: It's a fight. Between Buffy and Anya. It's great.
  • Anya's "sacrifice": an emotionally raw ending that made me love the character even more!"

- David, Director Monkey

What was your favorite Buffy episode? Let us know in the comments!