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ThinkGeek's SCOTTEVEST Pocket Operative Contest!

Guess the weight to win!

When you think about essential spy gear, jackets don't come to mind. But if one could help conceal what you're carrying from your enemies, protect your personal documents from RFID scanning, & give you a secure, hidden space explicitly for running your microphone cord? Yeah. That's a jacket worthy of the word "spy-tacular."

There's still time left! Enter below by 11:59pm ET Sunday, 10/20 for the chance to win a fully-furnished SeV Alpha Jacket. One lucky winner will receive over $1,000 worth of prizes, including an iPad mini (pictured below), as long as you can correctly guess the weight of the jacket with all the items inside.

UPDATE: The contest is now closed! Congratulations to Kelly N. of Jackson, MI for the winning guess! The correct weight of the prize pack was 7.485 pounds. Kudos to all of you chuckleheads who guessed 42. Better luck next time!

Alpha Jacket & prizes

The jacket has 35 pockets. Here it is stuffed with all the prizes pictured on the left.

Please Note:

  • The only unit of measurement we will accept is pounds! (Sorry, it's just simpler and yes, we're silly Americans.) Please convert ounces to decimals and enter ONLY THE NUMBER in the form. For instance, 5 pounds 3 ounces is 5.1875 pounds, and you would enter "5.1875" in the form.
  • One entry per person, please. We will only consider your first submission, even if you've changed your mind, so make sure you're set on your answer!
  • You can enter on this blog post or on our contest page, but NOT both. Remember: there can only be one!
  • The winner is the person who guesses the closest to the correct weight, without exceeding it. In the event of a tie, the winner will be selected randomly from those entrants.
  • Only the countries listed in the form can participate; if your country is not listed, sorry! Timmy sends you all his love and e-bananas.
  • Looking for the legalese? You can find it here.
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meaningless icon! Perhaps I won't win But the jacket is so cool I just had to try
dinogeek said this 2076 days ago.
meaningless icon! I always love when contest like these happen. I wonder who won!!!
broncer said this 2074 days ago.
meaningless icon! When will the winners be announced or sent a message?
NyanExplorer said this 2073 days ago.
meaningless icon! ME WANT!
katiebug38331 said this 2073 days ago.
meaningless icon! Who won?! How much did it weigh?
PixieWyfe said this 2073 days ago.
meaningless icon! @broncer, @NyanExplorer, & @PixieWyfe: We just announced the winner & correct weight! The winner has been contacted via email. Thanks for entering!
KnivesC said this 2072 days ago.

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