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15 minutes of calendar fame!

Timmy wants you to submit to Despair Calendar 2014!

2013 is almost over. Timmy wants you to submit to Despair Calendar 2014!

The end is nigh.

The end of 2013, that is. "Already?!" Yep, we know. The new year is fast approaching and the 2014 Custom Despair Calendar needs filling out! How else will we keep track of all the geeky days of note, nerdy facts, and imaginary holidays during the year? (And real holidays, too, we guess.)

This is where you chuckleheads come in! We need your help again in populating our calendar of despair. Submit your historic date, nerdy holiday, birthday, geeky fact or point of interest in the form below, and if we decide to put your date on the calendar, you'll automatically be entered to win a $100 gift certificate. If you're the randomly selected winner, we'll notify you as soon as the dates are finalized & the calendar is set to print.

Here are some examples of what we're looking for:

  • June 7th: Ghostbusters theatrical release. Don't cross the streams and buy a pack of Stay-Puft caffeinated marshmallows to celebrate.
  • July 13th: It's the birthday of Harrison Ford AND Patrick Stewart. Celebrate Captain Picard and Captain Solo on the same day!
  • September 10th: Bill Nye the Science Guy Day.
  • October 13th: International Walk Like a Zombie Day!

Sorry! We are no longer accepting geeky date submissions. RandomBot will be selecting a winner shortly. Thank you to everyone who contributed!

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meaningless icon! this is great idea, I hope my idea is accepted!
lewafan21 said this 1971 days ago.
meaningless icon! so when does this end anyway and are the people randomly pick?
Sledhockeyjock said this 1962 days ago.
meaningless icon! June 26- Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed in front of their young son Bruce. Let's have a day of silence to remember them.
Dr. Harleen Quinzel said this 1917 days ago.
meaningless icon! This is a really nice way of attracting responses from users: it gives them incentives in an interesting way. It is not so much about money value, which is actually insignificant. It is like participating in a game and then finding if you have got the prize. Also, it will only bring people who are genuinely interested and these people really support the community. DbaiG Bolee.com
DbaiG said this 1900 days ago.
meaningless icon! I wish Daryl Dixon would take his sleeveless shirt off…
Jilllybeans said this 1896 days ago.
meaningless icon! How else will we keep track of all the geeky days of note, nerdy facts, and imaginary holidays during the year? <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-94b_c8O7g">side effect from forskolin</a>
rogerneles said this 1509 days ago.

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