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ThinkGeek Kids Need to Read

Geek Prom!

Will you be attending Geek Prom at Phoenix Comicon next weekend?

Kids Need to Read

Our favorite pastime when we were wee monkeys? Hands down: reading. Getting lost in a book and letting our imaginations run wild was the most fun we could have.

Geek Prom swag

When we heard there were schools and libraries across the country that did not have access to books, we wanted to do something to change this. That's when Kids Need to Read came to the rescue. Their mission statement: "create a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools, libraries, and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children." (It doesn't hurt that one of our favorite browncoats, Nathan Fillion, supports KNTR, too.) Reading inspired and let us dream of all the endless possibilities we could create for ourselves; it helped develop us to who we are today. This is something that we would not want to deny our future generations.

To support their cause, we've donated a ton of ThinkGeek goodies giveaway at their Geek Prom. (Pictured left.) This is a geeky soiree hosted at Phoenix Comicon where attendees get dolled up in their geekiest attire and dance the night away! All the ticket proceeds from this event go directly to KNTR.

We hope all the prom attendees have a grand ol' time next week. And thank you Kids Need to Read for doing what you do!

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meaningless icon! I'm a writer who started as a reader. If Think Geek can donate goodies to help raise money, then I can certainly donate $. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
SaraAutumn said this 1952 days ago.
meaningless icon! I won the title of Geek Prom Queen last year and got lots of cool stuff from you guys. Thanks so much!
Stinamew said this 1952 days ago.

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