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Long time no see, links!

Calvin & Hobbes Nursery

An adult will fit in this bed, right? RIGHT!?

O, hai there. It's been awhile, huh? We brought you a basket full of links because we missed you so much!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

Star Wars Nursery

Tickets still on sale for ThinkGeek & Super Art Fight! (Brown Paper Tickets)

A long time ago in a nursery far, far away... (Tumblr)

Adorable Doctor Who themed wedding. (Candice Benjamin)

Treehouse or house with a tree in it? (Houzz)

Vincent van NO. (Deviant Art)

Sand Minis Tirith will keep out all the sand crabs. (Deviant Art)

How animals eat their food (human style). (YouTube)

Snow White has joined the Dark Side?! (Blogspot)

Itteh bitteh cake for itteh bitteh Hobbitses.

Grocery shopping with Grumpy Cat. (Imgur)

Itteh bitteh cake for itteh bitteh Hobbitses. (Pink Cake Box)

Batman & Robin -- tutu style. (Etsy)

Nana na na nana na... ELMO PHOTOBOMB. (Cheezburger)

Goodnight, droid. Goodnight, Death Star. (Wired)

LEGO spill shuts down highway lane in West Virginia. (EE Journal)

Young Kraken in training! (CG Hub)

If I fits, I sits. (Imgur)

Teaching a puppy how to catch. SO CLOSE. (YouTube)

Subtle DIY TARDIS Converse. (Blogspot)

Too soon?

Meh meh mehing at your chamber door. (Twitter)

Human Chair Scare Prank (YouTube)

I played with LEGO once. IT WAS AWFUL. (Flickr)

Just admit it. This is you. (Formal Sweatpants)

Amazing Bane mask walkie talkies! (YouTube)

Keep your zombie survival kit around your wrist. (Etsy)

Every. Single. Weekend. (Tumblr)

Curse you, Thor! (Deviant Art)

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Exclusive Teaser Trailer (YouTube)

Too soon? (The Meta Picture)

We <3 Neurodiversity! All proceeds of this shirt go to ASAN this month. (ThinkGeek)

What if Spider-Man's superpowers was shooting spiders out of his hands?! (Tumblr)

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