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How many monkeys can one Timmy fool?

April Fools!

The Batman Family Car Decal Set, Adventure Time BMO Interactive Buddy, and Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp -- a few of your many favorite April Fools products! Buy them today! Oh wait.

Answer: A lot.

Timmy gotcha!

Many of you woke up on Monday morning unaware of what day it was. Ha! Silly humans.

April Fools. One of our favorite holidays, where the ThinkGeek monkeys gather to devise plans for world domination along with messing with the population's heads with fake products. Did we get ya? Don't deny -- we know we did.

On this day, we get many loving comments from our fans, but we just wanted to share with you the most passionate ones. Timmy decided to cover up some choice words. We wonder why...

From Facebook:

Sorry, Leo! But yay! Your son learned how to tie his shoes!

From YouTube:


From Google+:

No Timmys necessary.

From Twitter:

We're dead. :(

And one of our favorites:

Wil Wheaton! How could you!

(The link: http://is.gd/uMcZgS.)

Thanks again for a wonderful April Fools! (And for putting up with us.) We couldn't have done it without you and your gullible self. Remember to let us know which products you'd like to see become a reality. We don't have any plans for them yet, but that could change. Until next year!


A lot of ThinkGeek monkeys worked hard on putting this altogether, so here are some outtakes from our monkeying around:

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meaningless icon! Noooooo!!!! I totally just fell for Wil Wheaton's post. grr.... The April Fool's jokes were great, as always. I voted for my favorites, and I hope you create them for real. PS: I still think you should make a ThinkGeek museum for all loyal fans to travel to! :D
Kaliska47 said this 1812 days ago.
meaningless icon! Think geek, you are my favorite April fool <3
Abbsky said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! Absolutely the Batman car decals.
Web Goddess said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm so glad that the thought that I got out of bed with was, "Today is April 1st. That means that I can't believe anything anyone says today."
Nefenjo said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! WHEEEEEEATOOON!!!! He got me again!
Kaj Yemor said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! Please please PLEASE make the trench run game a reality. Both my wife and daughter immediately said "get that!!" when they saw it.
Twitch14 said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! So did I, Kaliska47. LOL!
Rosuav said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! the surprising thing to me is that most of the things in there are things they just made themselves, i'm willing to bet most if not more of the people who come to the site could, with a little thought make them on their own. so stop crying and make it happen...lol
Tenisen said this 1811 days ago.
meaningless icon! :( eternal depression caused on april fools
Domatron said this 1810 days ago.
meaningless icon! frowns
Domatron said this 1810 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for great April Fools Day! I'd be interested in the Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp and the Star Wars Cornhole set, but not for those prices. The most I'd pay for a desk lamp is ~$30.
Ponkool4 said this 1810 days ago.

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