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Too many links for Zelda to choose from!

Bach off..

Duuude, seriously, Bach off!

In preparation for the long weekend, we've gathered a whole lotta links together for your viewing pleasure. This should keep you satisfied during the holiday!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

All I feel inside is burgers. (Tumblr)

Old-school Nintendo tattoo

Hot dog! You've got chainmaille. (Tumblr)

Read a book while inside a book. INCEPTION. (Field Candy)

Would subscribe: Firefly Owner magazine spoof. (Bleeding Cool)

It doesn't hurt to carry an extra life around. (F Yeah Tattoos)

This is what you get when you mix Harry Potter and Tequila. Result vary. (Pleated Jeans)

What did you have for dinner!? (Artlebedev)

It's not about the chair, it's what you put into it! (Straight Line Designs)

Thanks for being awesome, cap'n. (ThinkGeek)

Easiest way to destroy the Death Star is to eat it. (Designer Lolli)

How to make your own R2-D2 heels. They exist! (Instructables)

Crocheted TARDIS blanket to keep you warm while the Doctor's away. (Tumblr)


If Tony Stark were steampunk. (Obvious Winner)

Expecto Patronum

Cooking is part art, part chemistry. Bonus: It's MAGNETIC! (Instructables)

Triple letter decorating score! Scrabble benches & tile pillows by Stephen Reed. (Stephen Reed)

What kind of Whovian are you? (The Bloggess)

DIY constellations scarf! (A Beautiful Mess)

In space, no one can hear you snore. (Snurk Beddengoed)

So... how fast does it go? (Technabob)

Can't decide who is your favorite superhero? Just put 'em all on! (Between the Pages)


Allons-y! Fantastic 10th Doctor pinafore by DarlingArmy. (Deviant Art)

I had a cookie once. I HATED IT. (Instagram)

Es-car-GO! We're cheering for ya, froggy. (500px)

Bookshelf made out of books. A book within a book. INCEPTION. (Imgur)

This is still the weirdest thing we've seen all week. (YouTube)

Chainmaille dog

Mmm, this pizza is dalektable. (That's Nerdalicious)

This is not CGI. WUHT. (Vimeo)

Everyday attire designs of superheroes. (Fashionably Geek)

The Periodic Table of Elements as cartoon characters. (Kaycie KCD)

Ryan Gosling & Matt Smith are going to be in a movie together. *Cue fangirls* (io9)

The Hyrule Hustlers are running a Zelda marathon benefiting Child's Play. Please help 'em out if you can! :) (Hyrule Hustlers)

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meaningless icon! Thanks for the fun stuff to look at. Glad that some people have more time on their hands than I do.
LoreBody said this 2005 days ago.
meaningless icon! I wonder if that UltraEverDry can be used on electronics....
santiagodr said this 2000 days ago.

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