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The Geek<3 results are in!

The amazing kids of Mrs. M's class, whose project we helped fund!

Drumroll, please.

With almost 550 nominees, it was anyone's guess which classrooms would come out on top. We've managed to tally up the votes, and here are the four classes you chose that we've just funded with a $1,000 total donation:

Mr. H's Class
  1. Peer Tutors: Making Math Magnificent!, Ms. T in Collierville, TN
    Geeklings need math learning materials and games.

    Ms. T has already gotten back to us! Here's what she had to say:
    "Dear Timmy's minion and ThinkGeek Treeta Dobra (Council of Elders),
    Ee chee wa maa! Yubnub! and Teeha! Teeha! Teeha! (For non-Ewokians, that's: Wow! Hooray! and Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!) My wee geeks are over the chiutatal (moon) that this project has been fully funded. No, really, I'm not talking figurative language here... I mean really... The space launch departed about an hour ago, filled with peer tutors and their study buddies. I so appreciate your generosity and commitment to DonorsChoose. These materials will make a x'iutha (important) difference for my geeklings, now and in years to come! We yupyup (rejoice)!"

  2. The Astonishing Gift of Teddy Bodain, Mrs. M in Clermont, FL
    Geeklings need copies of The Astonishing Gift of Teddy Bodain.

    Mrs. M's message to us filled us with warm fuzzies. She writes,
    "I am so thrilled that this project was funded! The students screamed so loud that the entire school may have heard them! They want these books so bad, and now they can finally have them! It was their favorite thing they read all year and wanted nothing more than a copy of the book, The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Bodain. Thanks for your support. It is truly appreciated. Students, teachers, and our classrooms wouldn't be the same without wonderful supporters like you. Happy Valentine's Day!!"

  3. Recharge Our Planet, Ms. D from Hawthorne, CA
    Geeklings need rechargeable batteries for their dissecting microscopes.

    Voter comment: Go class! Good Job! Keep up the good work! Carpe Diem!

  4. An Epson Projector To Help Us Focus On Learning!, Mr. H in Bakersfield, CA
    Geeklings need an LCD digital projector.

    Good news! Mr. H just responded to us and says,
    Dear Timmy's Minion and the AWESOME Folks at THINKGEEK,
    Thank you for your most generous donation to our project! The kids and I are so very grateful to have the support of ThinkGeek fans. We are now closer than EVER to having a new digital projector in our room. This device has a built-in iPod dock and speakers which will allow the children to not only create their own movies, they can share their work with their classmates and friends! Thank you, again, for inspiring a whole new generation of geeks. :)

Thank you to everyone who voted! Although, we guess there's another reason why you did, huh? Congratulations to Marianne C. of Tampa, FL for being our randomly selected $100 gift certificate winner! We'll be in touch with you shortly.

Project Geek<3 is something we look forward to doing every Valentine's Day, and we want to thank all the amazing teachers who work so hard and make do with what they have to inspire these wee geeklings. Thanks for help spreading the <3! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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meaningless icon! Thank you so much!! We are so excited that you funded this project for us. Your support is amazing!
suzannem said this 2043 days ago.
meaningless icon! Grats to all the "winners" it's so hard to choose with so many great projects to fund. Kudos to ThinkGeek for lending a hand!
Mahret said this 2043 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ewok speak = Awesomesauce
RaDragon said this 2043 days ago.

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