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BFFs: Important for Erasing Internet Histories When You're Gone

Ron & Harry

Ah, Valentine's Day. A day filled with commercialized love, candy, and spending time with your +1.

But we won't wax poetic about romance; we're here to celebrate our BFFs, partners in crime, galentines or bromances. Because whether you're rebelling against the Galactic Empire, making bacon pancakes, or fighting Voldemort, you need your pals. Here's our tribute to some of the best dynamic duos in movies and television to help celebrate the love we've got for our pals.

Vote for your favorite twosome or suggest any missing ones in the form below!

The results!

Soooo we missed a few pairs--Mal and Zoe, even--and we're going to add them to this post soon, but in the meantime, here's how you guys voted:

Best friends 4EVA

Kirk & Spock (Star Trek)

Kirk & Spock

Kirk: Is there anyone on this ship, who even remotely, looks like Satan?
Spock: I am not aware of anyone who fits that description, Captain.
Kirk: No, Mr. Spock, I didn't think you would be.

Han Solo & Chewbacca (Star Wars)

Han Solo & Chewbacca

Han, to Chewbacca: Laugh it up, fuzzball.

Sarah Jane & K-9 (Doctor Who)

Sarah Jane & K-9

K-9: Greetings Mistress!
Sarah Jane: K-9? Can you hear me?
K-9: Affirmative, Mistress!

Sam & Frodo (Lord of the Rings)

Sam & Frodo

Frodo: What are we holding onto, Sam?
Sam: That there's some good in this world, Mr. Frodo... and it's worth fighting for.

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson (Sherlock)

Sherlock Holmes & Dr. John Watson

John Watson: You're just showing off.
Sherlock Holmes: Of course. I am a show-off, that's what we do.

Buffy & Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Buffy & Willow

Buffy: Now, you're sure you're up to this?
Willow: Don't worry. I won't do anything that could be interpreted as brave.

Sheldon & Leonard (The Big Bang Theory)

Sheldon & Leonard

Sheldon: I can't seem to get in touch with Amy. I tried e-mail, video chat, tweeting her, posting on her Facebook wall, texting her, nothing.
Leonard: Did you try calling her on the telephone?
Sheldon: The telephone. You know, Leonard, in your own simple way, you may be the wisest of us all.

Finn & Jake (Adventure Time)

Finn & Jake

Finn: This guy is a pal for life! It looks like he's got two jiggly bellies stuck together.
Jake: I've got that on my back. I call it my butt.

Penny & Brain (Inspector Gadget)

Penny & Brain

Penny: Follow Uncle Gadget, Brain.
Brain: Rrrrrrright!

Moss & Roy (IT Crowd)

Moss & Roy

Roy: Really? You do the whole Lonely Hearts thing?
Moss: I'm a 32 year old IT-man who works in a basement. Yes, I do the whole Lonely Hearts thing!

Lt. Commander Data & Spot (Star Trek: TNG)

Lt. Commander Data & Spot

Data: Spot, you are disrupting my ability to work.
Spot: Meow.
Data: Vamoose, ye little varmint!

Harry Potter & Ron Weasley (Harry Potter)

Harry Potter & Ron Weasley

Harry: I think if he'd had the chance, he might've tried to kill me tonight.
Ron: And to think, I've been worrying about my potions final.

Tara & Sookie (True Blood)

Tara & Sookie

Sookie: All he did was ask me to the DGD tonight and besides it's in a church. And why shouldn't I? He's perfectly nice, he's got a good job, and he's not a vampire! And why, why do I have to justify this to you?
Tara: I'm entitled to know what my girl's up to, aren't I?

R2-D2 & C-3PO (Star Wars)

R2-D2 & C-3PO

C-3PO to R2-D2: Don't you call me a mindless philosopher, you overweight glob of grease!

Shaun & Ed (Shaun of the Dead)

Shaun & Ed

Ed: You gonna thank me then?
Shaun: For what?
Ed: Tidying up!
Shaun: Doesn't look that tidy.
Ed: Well, I had a few beers when I finished.

Hiro Nakamura & Ando Masahashi (Heroes)

Hiro Nakamura & Ando Masahashi

Hiro: We have changed. We are badasses now!
Ando: Yes. We are very badass.

Xena & Gabrielle (Xena Warrior Princess)

Xena & Gabrielle

Xena: You call that a jump?
Gabrielle: No! It was a frantic leap. Best I could do.

Bart & Milhouse (The Simpsons)

Bart & Milhouse

Bart: Man, I'm so bored.
Milhouse: Wait until we're teenagers, then we'll be happy.

Wreck-It Ralph & Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph)

Wreck-It Ralph & Vanellope von Schweetz

Wreck-It Ralph: You're a winner!
Vanellope: I'm a winner!
Wreck-It Ralph: And you're adorable!
Vanellope: I'm adorable!

Troy & Abed (Community)

Troy & Abed

Abed: I hate when they finish each other's...
Troy: ...pies.

Ann & Leslie (Parks & Recreation)

Ann & Leslie

Ann: Describe your ideal man.
Leslie: He's dark and mysterious, and he can sing. And he plays the organ.
Ann: I think you just described the Phantom of the Opera.

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meaningless icon! What? No love for Sam and Dean Winchester? I know they're brothers but they're also pretty tight BFFs too.
Josiefiend said this 2044 days ago.
meaningless icon! I can't pick just one.
Terri M. said this 2044 days ago.
meaningless icon! Why can't I pick more than one?! I'll love TNG until the day I die and was all ready to put in Data and Spot in case they weren't there, but Troy and Abed are the perfect best friends!
Laynne said this 2044 days ago.
meaningless icon! You forgot Batman and Robin...
Moneyboog said this 2033 days ago.

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