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We're at MAGFest!

MAGFest away team

We only send the A team, folks. Left to right: Erin, Kochis, Steve.

Are you at MAGFest*, like free stuff, and a have torso? Find our away team for free shirts and maybe even hugs if you ask really nicely (or are really good at surprise attack hugs).

The away team will change over the weekend--more red shirts, then less red shirts, which is how it always goes--but the three ThinkGeekers pictured above should be out and looking for trouble. Find them for freebies and photos with Timmy!

How to stalk ThinkGeek at MAGFest

  • From time to time, there will be a free t-shirt distribution point just past registration. If you see a ThinkGeek staffer there, they'll have things for you!
  • There will be roving away teams carrying loot and waiting in line for panels just like you, so if they've got a Timmy clone or are wearing a ThinkGeek staff shirt, stop them and say hello. They're fully prepared for your ninja sneak attacks. (Update! We may have been not so prepared with the loot. We're running low going into the weekend, but do stop to say hello and see what we have left!)
  • All throughout the expo floor are hidden 5 treasure chests. As is the MAGFest way, if you find one of these chests you are encouraged to take the booty from inside--as long as you replace it with something for the next person. ThinkGeek will be participating, too, so look out for ThinkGeek goodies. Beware the dragon.
  • If you're into Minecraft, would like an iCade cabinet and really like helping out a charity that contributes to Child's Play, then be sure to attend the Charity Auction on Sunday at 11am and bid on all kinds of wonderful things to help a good cause.
  • Basically, if you see us, stop us. We hope to see you there today or this weekend!

UPDATE! Proof we've given out lots of freebies: Mt. Boxmore as of 1:20pm ET on Friday.

MAGFest boxes

UPDATE! Aaaaand yes, this is Steve's normal face (photo by @WesJohnsonVoice):

MAGFest Steve and Erin

* What is MAGFest? Briefly, it's the 11th annual music and gaming festival at Gaylord National Hotel and Convention Center at the National Harbor in Maryland. It's basically four days of non-stop games and concerts. So yes, we're there.

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meaningless icon! Wooooooooo MAGFest
Woody TZA said this 2174 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks Thinkgeek for the free shirt. I just picked mine up and tweeted about it
Picky33 said this 2174 days ago.
meaningless icon! Why don't you come to Los Angeles
Portal2Fan said this 2174 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for the swag guys. I hope you come back next year too, with more swag AND a vendor table!
capt_carl said this 2173 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey ThinkGeek! PLEASE tell me you all will be there next year too!!! I couldn't make it this year, but I would love to meet you all at the next MAGFest! (^_^) [And who doesn't love getting free stuff?!?!?!]
EpicElf said this 2172 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for coming! That was pretty awesome seeing you guys and thank you for the swag!
Sicilian said this 2170 days ago.

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