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Welcome to the WoAH Winners Circle!

Timmy needs moar postcards

Om nom nom nom; moar, please!

Congratulations to Emma F. of Fremont, CA and Baron C. of Des Moines, IA on being the first two winners for our Wall of Awesome Happiness! Thank you for helping the cause and sending in your postcards! You've each won yourselves a $50 gift certificate, and your postcard will forever have a place on our wall.

Wall of Awesome Happiness

Your postcards have joined the ranks of postcards on our Wall of Awesome Happiness; w00t!

That's not the last of it, though! Every week, we will continue to randomly select a winning postcard, as we still have A LOT of wall space left to fill.

Insert postcards here

See what we mean? These walls are dying to be covered by postcards!

So what do you need to do? Just send in the niftiest, most interesting postcard you've ever laid eyes upon to the address below, and you'll automatically be entered to win!

Now, GOGOGO! Fire in the hole! Hurry to your nearest post office and mail a postcard to:

c/o ThinkGeek
11216 Waples Mill Rd, Suite 100
Fairfax, VA 22030

Please remember to include your email address on the postcard as well! It will allow us to contact you if you've won.

See you in the WoAH Winners Circle!

Terms, Conditions, and Legalese:

  • By submitting your postcard to ThinkGeek, you assert that the postcard is your original material. You will indemnify ThinkGeek should you submit the copyrighted material of others without permission.
  • Only those winners located inside the United States will receive a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate via email. Winners from outside the US will win our love, but not a gift certificate. We apologize for the complicated nature of international prize laws, but there it is.
  • Your submitted postcard will become the property of ThinkGeek, Inc.
  • ThinkGeek reserves the right to change the terms of this contest at any time, and we may terminate the contest at any time, at our discretion.
  • Any postcard mailed to the ThinkGeek Wall of Awesome Happiness consititutes agreement with these terms.
  • ThinkGeek is not evil, never has been, nor will ever be. Period.
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meaningless icon! Yay for Awesome Happiness! Could you clarify the rule about only submitting original material? Should we be designing our own postcards for the WoAH (and yes, that would be awesome), or can we be lazy and send you commercially printed postcards for which we do not have creative ownership? Thanks!
Mirk47 said this 2198 days ago.
meaningless icon! Mirk47 -- Either way works! Sending in a postcard you designed yourself would indeed be awesome, though ;)
KnivesC said this 2197 days ago.

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