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Beware! Links are on the loose!

Tetris cookies

If you stack them in your tummy, do you disappear?

42 of them, to be exact. (Yes, 42.) Don't worry, though, we've rounded up these wild links, so they shouldn't be a threat now. Hey, maybe they'll even give you the answer to life; who knows!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

This is a cake. (Between the Pages)

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. (Extra Fabulous Comics)

BMO is cake. Adventure Time BMO cake is totally mathematical. (Imgur)

 Who doesn't love a good ol' PSA? "Retro" smartphone etiquette posters. (Art of Manliness)

BMO Cake

Bite my tiny metal ass! (Imgur)

Legend of Zelda nail art how-to. (Lost in Lacquer)

Do you dare enter the Institut Oceanographique!? Best doorway ever. (Daily Photostream)

His & hers Star War rings. You love it; we know. (Etsy)

Three secret science superheroes revealed! Dr. E, Madame Radiation, High Voltage -- who should we add next? (ThinkGeek)

Go little octopus, go! (YouTube)

Commenting on the internet. (Daily of the Day)

Introducing: Laundry Cat. (YouTube)

Cuddle up with this DIY Totoro bed set. (Cutout and Keep)

Star Wars Taxidermy

Wanna be a part of the WoAH Winners Circle? Send us a postcard! (ThinkGeek)

Nailed it. (Twitter)

So many of our favorite things all in one: Bacon. Apple. Pie. (Loveless Café)

RIP Aaron Swartz; you will be missed. (ThinkGeek)

Iron Grapefruit Cat. (Pinterest)

You've been doing ponytails wrong all your life. (YouTube)

Go home, bookshelf. You're drunk. (Etsy)

Is Middle-earth in danger? --> Yes --> Can someone else deal with it? --> No --> What about Hobbits? (LOTR Project)

Poke Ball Pizza. Mmm. (Tumblr)

Pi Receipt

Beware the Kraken watch! (Watch Buys)

Star Wars taxidermy. (Yes, it's photoshopped.) (Tauntr)

So simple, it's sublime--just like the game. Tetris bookshelves how-to. (Instructables)

TMNT crochet hat and mask. Need this in adult sizes, pls. (Etsy)

To the adorable Batmobile! Modded "Bat Boo" play car. (Instructables)

Essential to any wardrobe: steampunk heels. (Fashionably Geek)

This DeLorean stretch limo can take you & your friends back to the future. (Helen of Destroy)

White House responds to Death Star petition: "This Isn't the Petition Response You're Looking For." (Whitehouse Petitions)

Want: Custom Elvish script beerstein. (Etsy)

Adorable Police Box ring. (Artfire)

Piano & Tetris Shelf

Best window washer ever. (Tampa Bay)

Hobbit-inspired wedding cake is fanstical. (When Geeks Wed)

Genius ruler tattoo for makers. (F Yeah Tattoos)

Famous Star Wars quotes meet typography. (Etsy)

7 sleeping hammies. (Cute Overload)

Piano bookshelf: where music & literature meet. (Entero)

Simplified movie plots. So that's how Frodo did it... (Nerd Approved)

This geekling is one intense xylophone player. (YouTube)

How well do you know your Marvel alphabet? (DeviantArt)

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meaningless icon! Emailed and tweeted more links today - very good crop
GarthJ said this 2276 days ago.
meaningless icon! Good crop of links, tweeted and emailed several
GarthJ said this 2276 days ago.

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