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Yeehaw! We've rounded up this week's links for y'all!

Gingerbread Serenity

So... do we fly this or eat it?

These links were tough to lasso in, but we got the best for y'all this week. You best click 'em before they escape!

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

The Geek Gift Hint List: Send this to all of your family and relatives. (Pure Geek)

The Green Dragon is real?! We totally understand if this is the only reason why you visit New Zealand. (Design Taxi)

Handblown Glass Solar System Ornaments

PC TARDIS case. Insert "bigger on the inside" comment. (The Register)

Official trailer for Man of Steel is out! What do you think? (YouTube)

Decorate your tree with SPACE! Check out these gorgeous Solar System ornaments. (Glass Sculpture)

It all makes sense now! Mary Poppins is a Time Lord. (Tumblr)

We geeks take our ice sculptures very seriously - these are no joke. (Smosh)

It's dangerous to go alone; here, take these! (Zsolt Szekely)

She's candied up plenty, but she'll fly true. Gingerbread Serenity build photos by Supersopp. (Imgur)

Hobbit Dwarves Cheat Sheet: Please review this before the exam. (LOTR Project)

Angry Cat & Grumpy Cat join the Dark Side. (Tumblr)

Triforce Wedding Bands

Would you like to live in infamy on our packing lists? Submit your comments here! (ThinkGeek)

How to spruce up a cable caddy, Bob Marley style. (Weekly Creations)

Official teaser released for Star Trek Into Darkness. (YouTube)

The Hobbit cast meets their LEGO counterparts. (Kotaku)

Think twice before inviting a Narwhal to your Holiday party. (Tumblr)

Our walls are empty and sad :( Send us postcards for our Wall of Awesome Happiness! (ThinkGeek)

Epic glowing lightsaber Yoda tattoo. (Obvious Winner)

Darfield hates Mondays. (Tone Cartoons)

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