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So, you wanna be packing list famous?

We want YOU to submit a comment!

Oh noes, our comment tank is running low! We need your help in refueling!

If you haven't read our "Notes" section on the packing list of your packages before, you should; they're filled with comments from your fellow geeks! (Example: "Thank you for your sudden but inevitable purchase." by Lindsay A.) You might wonder, "How did they get this amazing opportunity!?" Well, they were submitted to us long ago, in a distant past. Fret not, though, the time has come where we must refuel our comment tank with your geeky contributions. Make our packing lists even more awesome and become packing list famous!

There's no limit to the number of comments we will choose - we just want the best of the best. Bonus: We will randomly pick three of the selected comments to win a $50 gift certificate!

To submit, all you need to do is fill out the form below. Also, please follow these few simple guidelines:

  • Your comment must be 180 characters or less, including spaces. (Use this to calculate!)
  • Please keep this PG-13; no profanity, lewd, rude, or mean remarks. Don't write anything you wouldn't want your mother to see!
  • You have until next week, Wednesday, December 19 at 5pm ET to submit.
  • Be funny, witty, and awesome!

P.S. If you're looking for another opportunity to contribute to ThinkGeek and win a $50 gift certificate, send a postcard to our Wall of Awesome Happiness!

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meaningless icon! "IS GOOD FOR YOU" circa "regular Ordinary Swedish Meal time" on youtube
PippaFTW said this 2107 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sweet! This looks like fun! *puts on thinking hat...*
ElvenBookwyrm said this 2107 days ago.
meaningless icon! So how many TG packing slips have I thrown out without reading them??? Ridiculous!
BadCat said this 2107 days ago.
meaningless icon! This is so much fun, I'm starting to run out of witty comments...
derpdoof said this 2107 days ago.

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