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ThinkGeek's Hurricane Sandy donation

Hurricane Sandy wind map

Wind map of the US using data from this morning, October 30, 2012.

Unless you've been living under a rock--hopefully a very warm, cozy, and safe rock--you've doubtless heard about hurricane Sandy and its trip up the east cost of the US.

ThinkGeek HQ is located in Fairfax, Virginia, just southwest of Washington, DC and the Potomac river, which is about to flood downtown DC in Georgetown, if predictions and photographs are correct. While we were lucky enough to escape damage--aside from some downed trees and dripping windows--shelters are still open across much of the east coast, and cities like New York, the coast of New Jersey, the Delmarva peninsula, and the Shenandoah are looking worse for wear this morning. And Sandy's not done yet.

Red Cross

Since we're sitting high and dry with internet and a stockpile of TacBac, we thought we'd pitch in to the relief effort by dedicating our monthly $1,000 donation to Red Cross in support of shelters, cots, food, and water for those more impacted by Sandy than ThinkGeek.

Red Cross currently has more than 250 shelters set up across the northeast and we hope our donation helps bring some comfort to those who had to leave their homes for higher, safer ground.

If you'd like to help, too, we hope you'll consider a donation to Red Cross or a local relief shelter to help keep food stocked, both for Sandy and future storms. The Red Cross is also encouraging blood donations from those who can leave home safely because more than 100 blood drives were cancelled in Sandy's wake, and it's always a good time to donate.

Tomorrow is October 31 after all, which will bring on both our yearly epidemic of vampires and high blood sugar levels. We're betting there will be more than a few Hurricane Horse costumes out and about, too.

From everyone at ThinkGeek, here's hoping you have a dry, safe, and happy Halloween!

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meaningless icon! Good idea, TG. +1 compassion points.
goblynn said this 2152 days ago.
meaningless icon! You guys are awesome. Makes me proud to be a customer, and proud to be a geek.
spookiewon said this 2152 days ago.
meaningless icon! That is so awesome of you guys. : )
Benzilla said this 2150 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thank you, TG. I'm a Jersey Shore Girl now living in NoVa and the area I grew up in was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Boardwalks I once road my bike over are now gone. One town has a new inlet running straight through the middle of it. There's a boat in the middle of the road down the street from my Mom. My friends and family are all safe but many, many people are not. So thank you for helping my friends, neighbors, coworkers, schoolmates, etc. <Jersey Strong!>
FoxMacGyver said this 2144 days ago.

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