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And now, the season premiere of Days of Our Links!

Rainbow Waffle

Brought to you by Rainbow Waffles.

This week's episode was intense! Here, let me recap it for you.

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest 'verse:

Eye of Sauron Cake

The Eye of Sauron turned delicious by solociachef21 (Cake Central)

DIY Rorschach Mask! Just in time for Halloween. (YouTube)

The most adorable Dalek you've ever seen. (Fashionably Geek)

Craving some Hobbit food? Denny's is launching a Hobbit-themed menu. (Eater)

Rainbow Waffles: part of a balanced (and magical) breakfast (Quick-Dish)

Robot navigates obstacles. Next up: world domination. (YouTube)

Join ThinkGeek for a Knit & Crochet Night! (ThinkGeek)

Korean pop star sensation, PSY, and Wolverine dance Gangnam Style. Yeah, it happened. (Twitter)

Stain Glassed Iron Man

If you wear a Stargate wedding ring & it starts to dial, what happens to your finger? (Note: Scroll down a little to find the "Chapa'ai Wedding Band") (Wedding Bands Design)

Enjoy some bacon literature. (Tumblr)

The Ministry of Silly Walks has teamed up with the Ministry of Silly Clocks. Check out this handmade Silly Walks clock! (Tumblr)

Iron Man 3 Trailer is out! 'Nuff said. (YouTube)

Tired of looking through plain and boring old windows? Suit your windows up with Iron Man 3 Mark XLVII Armor in stained glass. (Etsy)

One hula hoop to rule them all. (The Monica Bird)

Fusion HA! Prepared to have your mind blown. (OkiWoki)

Have you had your freezer checked for Wampas lately? Wampa infestation is on the rise. (Cheezburger)

Doctor Who meets Disney! (Tumblr)

It's pumpkin carving time! Check out these geeky pumpkin templates. (ThinkGeek)

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meaningless icon! This was one of the best flash mobs I've seen. Great musicians and great execution.
tech_hog said this 2124 days ago.
meaningless icon! Those rainbow waffles look like a HELL of a lot of work.
Nemephosis said this 2124 days ago.
meaningless icon! Rainbow Waffle. NOM.
JustJessee said this 2123 days ago.

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