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This week in geek

Happy birthday, Mario!

Today in Geek History: Doot doot doot doo-doot de-doo, dootdootdootdoot doo-doot-doo-doo dedoot! Super Mario was released in Japan on September 13, 1985.

This week in geek... no, there is too much. Let me sum up.

Our favorite links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

Beaker, zombie hunter

Beaker, zombie hunter (Twitpic)

Anatomy of the Mogwai (Brad McGinty)

Beep bloop beer wooooooo (Twitpic)

Cat maze made out of boxes (Daily Picks and Flicks)

Curiosity's self portrait (The Verge)

Dalek Chef's secret recipe (Akasealion)

Dalek wedding cakes (Twitpic)

Dead Media (Skulladay)

Don't ask why were watching this "Gangnam Style" MVA interview on CNN. Just know that we peed our pants a little when we saw a Timmy sticker on the camera. (CNN)

Elvish break! Tolkien reads his poem "Namarie" in Elvish. (YouTube)

Dalek Chef

Hogwarts broom rack (Nerdapproved)

I don't often test my code, but when I do, I do it in production. (ThinkGeek)

I Loki NY (Olly Moss)

Inspector Spacetime... er, "Untitled Web Series" ep 1 is out! (YouTube)

Iron Throne cake (Dorkly)

Krang belly (Obvious Winner)

Let's play Hungry Hungry Koopas! (Twitpic)

Mech Power Loader Barbie (Instructables)

Meme pizza signs (That's Nerdalicious)

Nerdy corsets (The Mary Sue)

Oooooh, aaaahhh. Some nifty animated optical illusions (YouTube)

Pac-man table (Behance)

Hungry Hungry Koopas

Pizza of Catan (Crackajack)

Some brides portal down the aisle (Twitpic)

Study finds images of "girly" scientists wearing make-up and pastels don't actually make girls want to go into science. (Scientific American)

TARDIS Trash Can is bigger on the inside, of course (ThinkGeek)

Teachers! Tell @donorschoose your fav elementary school moment & enter to win $100 TG gift cert (ThinkGeek)

Terrified of the horse-dragon, or just terrified on behalf of the horse? Dragon horse mask (Twitpic)

The Zelda bedroom you wished you had as a kid (or adult, who are we kidding) (Twitpic)

Thinking about Halloween yet? How about cookies? Dracula Dentures by @GrlWho8Evrythng (Twitpic)

This is drawn with ball point pens (DeviantART)

This kid is about to blow your mind. What were you doing when you were 5 years old? (YouTube)

Thor, you're so handsome. "Thank you, Thor." (Twitpic)

Waaaait for it (Twitpic)

We don't have good gas prices here, but at least they're geeky!" says @GreatExcelcior in Moncton, NB, Canada (Yfrog)

We're all doomed! DARPA bot Cheetah's new top running speed is 28.3 mph, faster than Usain Bolt (YouTube)

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