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ThinkGeek is going to Dragon*Con!

New Timmy Stickers!

Dragon Timmy is very excited!

Time to hunt down some ThinkGeek Monkeys at Dragon*Con!

We weren't going to go to to the biggest multi-fandom convention on the east coast, we really weren't. So many conventions! Our tireless monkeys, well, they were tired. "Maybe next year!" we said "We'll simply live vicariously through everyone else again this year."

Timmy was having none of that. He has too many cosplay dreams to miss even one 'con, much less Dragon*Con. Before we could blink, we had tickets in our hands, caffeine in our cups, and excitement kindling in our hearts.

As with most of the bigger 'cons, our monkeys are going to be rogue agents for most of the convention. We'll be wandering around with costumed Timmy clones, ready to give out freebies and to snap pictures of you with Timmy. However, there is a very distinct rumor that our friends at QMx are going to be there, which means that we might be found hanging out with them on occasion. This is a good, because we're going to have this little beauty on hand to show off to all of you and you being able to find us (kinda) makes it that much easier.

Once we decide exactly which panels we really want to attend (the hardest part of any 'con), we'll post a rough schedule here, so watch this space. Also, keep an eye on our Twitter stream during the convention for schedule changes, contests and other useful information. 'Cause we're just sneaky enough to spring randomness on you like that.

Are you going to Dragon*Con? More importantly, are you cosplaying? Let us know in the comments! We'll look for you!

EDIT! For easier Dragon*Con stalk..er...seeking, we present you with the two ThinkGeek Monkeys attending: Steve and Alicia.

New Timmy Stickers!

It's the monkey's fault. It's always the monkey's fault!

Bonus blurry outtake: Here.

ThinkGeek's Dragon*Con 2012 Meetup Schedule O' Doom

AUGUST 31st, Friday

  • 11:30am, We'll be at: Bit of a Chat with Sylvester McCoy in the Sheridan Grand ballroom.
  • 4:00pm, Find us at: Big Damn Heroes! Cast of Firefly - Westin P'tree Ballroom.
  • 4:00pm, OR! (We like to throw curveballs. Catch!) We might be at The Guild -Q&A (DC*TV Rebroadcast) in the Sheridan Grand Ballroom.

SEPTEMBER 1st, Saturday

  • 10:00am, Look for Timmy at the Dragon*Con Parade!
  • 1:00pm, We'll be hanging about at: LOTR, A Wizard, A Dwarf, A Hobbit and An Elf, OH MY! At the Hyatt Centennial.
  • 2:00pm, Come down to Artists Alley! We'll be at Mark DeSantos' booth across from the Fairy Quest booth and we'll be giving away freebies!
  • 4:00pm, You may find one of us Meeting Bioware at the Hilton 209-211.


  • 10:00am, We might be at: Inside the actor's gaff with Sylvester McCoy - Sheridan Ballroom.
  • 10:00Am, Or we might be at: Doctor Who: Props and Stories from Behind the Camera - Sheridan 2nd Floor. Roll the dice and look for us at both!
  • 11:30am, Timmy will be at: FRED Entertainment Presents Yet Another Panel About Doctor Who - Westin Atlanta Ballroom.
  • 1:00pm, We will be cooling our heels at: Big Damn Heroes! (DC*TV Rebroadcast) Firefly Cast - Westin P'tree Ballroom.
  • 5:30pm, Get your Tauntaun! The Tauntaun sack race/pod race is where we'll be - Marriott A706. P.S. We miiiight be giving out a prize.
  • 7:00pm, Time for Hobbit Drinking Songs! Marriott L401-L403.
  • 8:30pm, Lastly, look for us at: Collecting Middle Earth - Marriott L401 - L403.

Have a great 'con, everyone!!

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meaningless icon! Yay! I'll be there, probably cosplaying- hope to see you guys! <3
RobotGirlfriend said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be there! Most likely I'll be the 4th Doctor one day and a Mandalorian another day.
tlegower said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be there, dressed as Charlie Bradbury from Supernatural-- so not terribly recognisable, but still there! :)) When not in costume, I'll probably be sporting the AT-AT bag (named Roger) that I got from you guys at SWCVI! &#9829; Very excited!
Werepez said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! My husband and I will be there cosplaying the 11th Doctor and River Song respectively. Oh and we kind of totally built a full to scale 11th Doctor TARDIS :) She'll be moved a couple times but be on the lookout for her!
Cartoonmatrix63 said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be there. I'll be the one with the two Borg children in tow on Saturday (because two very brave/cool parents let me make costumes for their boys).
Kaedance said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Woo hoo!! I'll be there! I hope I see you guys.
halledean said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Huzzah! I'll be there, in a variety of Doctor Who / Sherlock / Cabin Pressure costumes. So mostly the BritTrack, then. I look forward to stalking Timmy & his chaperones!
TragicallyGeeky said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hurray!
SpectreGadget said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Exciting!! I'll be dressed as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus (Space edition!) Saw your awesome booth at CVI, can't wait for those lightsaber popsicles. :D
Silverarrows said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! Look for me in the parade, I'll be the Villager with the penny-farthing bike.
LeslieB said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be there all 4 days! I'm on staff in the Artist Alley, so you must stop by. I'll probably be at the information booth, and I'll be Twilight Sparkle on Sat and Mabel Pines on Sun. :) So glad you're coming this year!
DoubtingSalmon said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm going to be there and cosplaying as Chell from Portal 2! :) Hope to see you there!
MewtwoWarrior said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be attending as Doctor #4! I'll keep an eye out! Cool gadget!
xanadu2300 said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! yes!!! if you see Katniss and Sub-Zero with Timmy's that'll be us!!!
beatccr said this 2485 days ago.
meaningless icon! This will be my first year going to Dragon*Con, and it's on my birthday, so I'm twice as excited. I was really hoping you guys would be there. Thank you so much for coming!
Jenny W said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'll be Harvey Birdman (and yes, I did get that thing you sent me)
zarathud said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! YAY! It like having an old friend meet us. I will have my Caffeine hoodie just encase!
Kellycatt said this 2484 days ago.
meaningless icon! Oh, Cool, it fits!!! I wasn't sure since I've never seen a picture of him wearing it. I'm so happy!
Terygon said this 2296 days ago.

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