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The SysAdmin's Lair: Revealed.

Warp Core

Wherever could THIS door lead?

It's time for another episode of ThinkGeek Lairs! Secure your seatbelts before scrolling down and make sure all pets, geeklings and small robotic devices are safely away from the screen. This is going to get interesting.

Today we venture into the lair of the SysAdmins.

Unsurprisingly this lair is filled to the brim with books, large piles of cabling, and toys. (And more than a little dust.)

It's Tim!

It's also filled with humans!

Tim is one of the two intrepid humans that keeps ThinkGeek HQ running and connected to the (sweet, sweet) internets. He recently moved into the SysAdmin Cave proper, and to prevent confusion and lost-looking monkeys, a sign was created. With arrows. Just to makes sure that everyone knew this was Tim. Hi Tim!

Please note the affiliation with House Stark as pictured in the lower right corner.


Our other SysAdmin, Mike, was woefully not present as we photographed his lair. So we made do with this picture of him drawn by one of his brilliant geeklings. It is an utterly accurate representation.


The bottles present on Mike's desk may give a little insight into the personality of this skilled SysAdmin, though. Soy sauce. Tofurkey soda. Unopened craft beer. How these potions apply to his arcane work, however, is a mystery.

Timmy, nooooo!

We found this strange combination of helicopter and monkey on the bookcase near the SysAdmin's desks. Apparently they are experimenting with cybernetics. Yep, it flies!

Emac, noooo!

Further proof of their cybernetic experiments: an Emac, prepped for gutting.


Upon Tim's desk, a note of sincere thanks. We appreciate our SysAdmins!


A rare caught-on-camera moment. The SysAdmin smile, usually only spotted IRL, here in pixels. Fantastic.

What's this?

Hold on a moment. What's this door behind Tim's desk?

What's this?

BEHOLD! SERVERS! No wonder there was a sign prohibiting alcoholic bevvies. This is our gateway to the precious information of the internet, right here!

What's this?

Of course we had to sneak behind the servers to snap a pic. Look at all of the cables!

At this point, a quiet cough came from the cave beyond the server room. Tim had to be away to fix/break something important. That was a cue to leave. So we turned to the exit and saw...

Oh My.

Oh my! An appreciation of the fine arts, too!? Is there no end to the depths of these guys' personalities?

What does your SysAdmin's cave look like? Full of wires, odd experiments and server closets? Let us know in the comments!

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meaningless icon! Technically I have two "SysAdmin Lairs". The first is the server room which I keep pretty spartan other than servers, phone equipment, spare PC equipment, and software. My cubicle is where I spend most of my time, and it looks pretty much like any other cubicle... other than the Keurig coffeemaker (I'm the only decaf drinker in the office), the Despair 2012 calendar, the wall full of action figures, and a (occasionally activated) Luminglas.
D'Arque Bishop said this 2497 days ago.
meaningless icon! What sort of purpose do those servers have in TG HQ? Shared storage and development hosting?
wesgood said this 2497 days ago.
meaningless icon! Nothing too weird in our Lair. Coasters made from dead hard drive platters, books which are totally irrelevant to our job (Frontiers of Propulsion Science in particular), a can of Spam on top of the AC, two minifridges, a toaster, kuerig, mr coffee, microwave, and george foreman grill.
Concentus said this 2497 days ago.

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