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Relaxation: Accomplished

Sing it, Yoda!

New title: Ghostly night.

This is your idle surfing time. Click these links and relax. No one can take this time from you. No one. This is your moment. Revel in its idleness.

Last weeks links from the Twitter, Google+, and Facebook 'verse:

The Black Knight Rises movie poster. His superpower is invincibility. (TwitPic)

What does a Serenity model built out of ~70,000 LEGO look like? Shiny. Well done, Adrian! (TwitPic)

Couples can't really share a single heart--unless they use portals! (TwitPic)

Behold, the Bacon Demon!! It shall torment your soul with deliciousness for all eternity! (TwitPic)

Fire the fondant torpedoes! Borg Cube wedding cake complete with fleet of attacking ships. (TwitPic)

And for dessert, tiny meringue power-up mushrooms. Mario would approve. (TwitPic)

And now, a goat on a skateboard. (YouTube)

Just dare some punks to try and take this mailbox out! The lightsaber flag is epic. (TwitPic)

It's 1978, you're wearing a pantsuit, & you use your sonic screwdriver to start the record player. Dig it. (YouTube)

And you thought stepping on a *regular* LEGO was bad. Giant concrete LEGO bricks. (TwitPic)

Pretty sure Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's place is over the hill. @MarsCuriosity's color panorama looks familiar. (TwitPic)

If van Gogh played Pac-Man: Starry Night at the Arcade. (TwitPic)

This is not a snake, It's actually a *cake.* Aaaand that was your mind being blown. (TwitPic)

Where we're going, we don't need roads. We need a DeLorean hovercraft. (YouTube)

Mwa ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha! AH HA HA HA HA!!! Ha. (YouTube)

Probably don't have to tell you which one's Gryffindor, right? Hogwarts House Couture by DistantDream (TwitPic)

What's your Geek Zodiac sign? ThinkGeek was born August 13th 1999, year of the Superhero. (TwitPic)

Surprise! (Some language because OMG surprise!) (YouTube)

Spotted at ThinkGeek HQ. Hope the maintenance guy is ready for an adventure! (TwitPic)

Remember to show, not tell, in your presentations. The next slide is about Ceiling Cat. (YouTube)

If Star Wars were an 80s high school movie. Millennium Falcon Trans-Am = genius. (TwitPic)

Finally, an easy guide on how to fold fitted sheets! Step #8 requires some special equipment, though. (DogHouseDiaries)

For a timey-wimey wedding: TARDIS cake topper! (TwitPic)

You don't HAVE to help @oatmeal save Wardenclyffe & open a Tesla Museum, but he may have a death ray soon, so... (The Oatmeal via IndieGoGo)

In case you missed it: "We're @NASA & We Know It" LMFAO parody.(YouTube)

TRON bathroom makeover? Glow-in-the-dark tile bathtub.(TwitPic)

LEGO lenticular is a thing & it is awesome. Batman/Joker by Arthur Gugick. (TwitPic)

Happy Friday! And now, Albert Einstein relaxing in fuzzy slippers.(TwitPic)

Shiny! Kaylee and Mal as kids--even more adorable than as adults? Photo by Peter Verrant.(Flickr)

Fun cetacean fact of the day: This is how sperm whales sleep, and they're the least sleep-dependent mammals known.(Nature)

Tony and Eddard are brothers, of course.(James Zapata)

A must for any Predator's trophy room! Handcrafted Alien skull, only $875.(Obvious Winner)

If Adventure Time were re-imagined as an old-school comic book, it would look EXACTLY like this. Mathematical!(Paintmarvels DeviantArt)

Friday morning and we're already posting about cocktails. How to make a phosphorescent drink.(Note: Does not include actual galaxies as pictured.)(The Campus Companion)

TRON prom! By Scruffyrebel and Jinyo, shot at SDCC.(AC Paradise)

Remember that TARDIS ring that was only a render and everyone was sad? It's for sale now for reals! Just call it the "Police Box Ring."(Pathetic Peripatetic)

5th graders in 1995 accurately predicted how the internet would be used today--right down to cat cupcakes! Bowl cuts were not so lucky. (YouTube)

Mario theme played backwards. No, really, he's backward when he plays it. Thank you, internet.(YouTube)

Start your anti-cancellation petitions now! Joss Whedon has signed on to direct the Avengers sequel and develop a live-action Avengers TV series.(LA Times)

It's hard to take your Utahraptor on a walk these days. Maybe it's the spiked collar that's freaking people out?(YouTube)

Signal boost! Here are some links from our Twitter, Google+, and Facebook friends that might be interesting to look at:

@FirstBook needs your vote to win a share of 5mil to get new books to a lot of kids in need! (Facebook)

Evilot is a Puzzle / Defense game, for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and Ouya. (Kickstarter)

The real world looks suspiciously like a spreadsheet, doesn't it?

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meaningless icon! The year of the Treasure Hunter is fitting because not only was Indy's first adventure in 1935, but the first Uncharted game was released in 2007!
TheWordMaster said this 2490 days ago.

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